Nintendo is better than Microsoft

Is Microsoft better than Nintendo?

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Jul 2, 2015
Wii U
So i had this thing in my mind. of is nintendo better? i tihnk so lets start!

Online gameplay: okay so i think nintendo wins this because u don't need to pay for anything yet xbox u need to pay 10 to 60 dallors to even play online.

Prices: to be honest i think nintendo is cheaper. the reason why is because nintendo has sales like every day of the week.

DLC: so i kinda think microsoft wins this one. microsoft's prices for DLC is better than wii u sadly as example the mario kart 8 bundle with the link maps and the avatar u can play is about 8 dollars,

So yeah anyways share ur facts and everything and i'll try to respond as fast as i can

Well, that's few criteria, but let's start with that:

Online gameplay: The very few online time I've spent in Wii U (Smash Bros.) has been quite solid. In general, I'm getting a higher quality connection than in my 360. Also great not to have to pay anything, however, for those yearly 60 bucks, you do get 24 games to download. It does annoy me to have to depend on Xbox Live Gold to access Netflix...

Prices: Yeah, the Wii U is cheaper than the Xbox One, but that has a lot to do with the hardware. Beside that point, accessories for both are fairly expensive in my opinion. I have yet to see this in the Wii U, but in my country, the Wii games I wanted to buy (Twilight Princess, Mario Galaxy, Smash Bros. Brawl, No More Heroes, etc...) never dropped in price and were often more expensive that any generic AAA title at launch on other consoles.

DLC: Yeah, the DLC in the eShop is quite expensive, but there seems to be little of it and I guess this depends more of the development studio than the platform.

As far as hardware, it's quite clear that the Xbox One (and the PS4 even more) is far beyond the Wii U's capabilities, though I feel despite a certain having passed, the new generation has yet to show us what that power can do. As of today, I haven't seen anything from the Xbox One or the PS4 to really make me marvel at the next-gen. It's just a bit more polished than the last generation and not at all impressive if you've gamed on a high-end PC in the last couple of years. So despite the very marked difference in specs, I think the difference is still not very evident in games. Anyone who feels otherwise please enlighten me with some examples.

Title availability in another relevant topic.
Not one of the 3 current-gen consoles have a very impressive roster so far. The Xbox One and PS4 have come out with very little more than the same games coming out for X360 and PS3 still, or expanded and remastered versions of other last-gen games (Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs, GTAV, etc...).
On the other hand Nintendo always has the advantage of their unique IPs and briefly the were catching up with games like Black Ops 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction (which, by the way, is a grossly underrated game), but once again they have very little availability of multiplatform games. Hopefully they'll fix that front on their next console, because that's losing them tons of sales.

Sales, which were brought up, are actually very similar between the Xbox One and Wii U, from what I've seen, with Microsoft ahead by a little... the PS4 leading the way by far.

But at the end of the say, I always think if you're a dedicated gamer and you have the money, you're best off having all the consoles (and a PC!), else you're missing out on something.
NINTENDO! I don't have to think about it. Nintendo sells the best games on the market!:D
I think the new steam boxes from Alienware and Cyberpower PC and others which are coming out in the fall have better specs than Xboxone or Ps4.

Nintendo is a very creative company and I like how they miniaturize their products, they make colorful games which are not (seemingly) on other game systems, they have a library filled with titles, a rich history.
I don't think Nintendo is better than Microsoft no more then I think Microsoft is better than Nintendo.

They're the same; you get different services and prices, you get different arrays of game selections and different online experiences for both. I think you could "Try" to compare them in reality, but they're honestly two different aspects of the gaming Genre. It's like pitting action movies against mystery movies - they're both still movies, but in the end they're about different things and different paths/choices. This is not a bad thing in the least; it gives variety which is "the spice of life"

But I don't rate any one major game company above any other. They release products for us to consume, and then we consume them all the same. Just because this is a Nintendo forum, I had to share my opinions. A lot of people here might PREFER Nintendo one way or another; but I see them all the same - just a means to end my boredom.

Though, After using my WII, my PS3 and my Xbox 360 in tandem for different things I feel I'm allowed to say this. I've experienced a varied and wide range of games and trials through each of the systems. I don't "Fanboy" or "Rate" one above another.
Overall Nintendo is much better than Microsoft. But...... I'm afraid to say that the Xbox One is so much better than the Wii U though.
I've always loved Nintendo, and it will always be my favorite console/game company. But Shimus is right. Microsoft and Nintendo both have their ups and downs. It's rather stupid to compare them, they don't have much in common. PS4 and X1, on the other hand, are more easily comparable, due to their similarities.
No. I might have to think about this a bit more with Sony but with Microsoft it's definitely Nintendo that wins. Especially after you say you have to pay them 10 to 60 dollars just to play online. That's ridiculous if you ask me. Anyway it's definitely Nintendo that wins.
I like having both a Wii U and an Xbox One for different reasons. They're about as polar opposite get as polar opposites get.

@ChibiChan12 you have to pay fifty dollars a year to play online on PS4 as well, it's not just Xbox anymore.
wait a minute, you have to PAY to play online? After spending almost 70$ on a game? Id laugh in somebody's face if i had to pay extra to play Splatoon or Smash.

I seriously did not know this.
It's a big trade off, though. There is a lot more you can do online on Xbox and PlayStation than you can on Wii U. I'm not sure if the servers are better anymore, but they were last generation.

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