Nintendo Is Now Worth More Than Sony Because Of Pokemon GO


Jul 25, 2016
Nintendo DS
I still think there's a weird dissonance when 'real life business' news collides with the general sorts of events video-game enthusaist sites cover. Not saying the latter is not real news by any stretch, but I still remember the disparaging and frankly childish ways that anything the DS or Wii did for Nintendo's bottom line was basically dis-regarded.

There's; A lot of questions and 'oh but that's because' statements people who orbit this close to the video-game sun can raise, I've got plenty myself - however this is positive news overall.

When's Neo and the new Xbone out again? Next year? They'll get their own specialised news conferences again one would think. If NX follows suit - and of course is featured at any shows before release - I expect mainstream media to add more focus on it before its release than they would have prior to Pokemon Go.

if nothing else, Pokemon Go is a wonderful advertisement for Nintendo.
Pokemon Go annoys me, but no one can deny that it has elevated Nintendo to being a contender again when so many gamers thought that the company was quickly becoming outdated and a thing of the past. I agree that the mainstream media has definitely been paying a ton of attention to Pokemon Go in general and this will certainly result in more news and hype when the newest Nintendo console comes out again as well.
It did. Pokemon Go isn't particularly profitable for Nintendo.

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