Nintendo now selling refurbished 3DS systems in the U.S

Professor E. Gadd

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Oct 15, 2012
Wii U
Nintendo just added a number of refurbished DS and 3DS models to it's U.S. online store. The systems carry a full 1-year warranty and are guaranteed to work perfectly, although they might include "minor cosmetic blemishes." The refurbs are priced very attractively compared to new systems. For example, you can now score a regular (non-XL) 3DS for $119.99. Here is the current inventory at the Nintendo Store (link):

Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS $119.99
Blue/Black Nintendo 3DS XL $169.99
Midnight Blue Nintendo DSi XL $99.99
Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS $119.99
Red/Black Nintendo 3DS XL $169.99
Red/Black Nintendo 3DS XL w/16 GB SD Memory Card $179.99

While the prices are good, I personally would not go with a refurbished 3DS (although I would totally go with a refurbished desktop computer for example). I just don't like the idea that some kid's dirty fingers abusing the game pad before me. Too bad, because I am shopping for a 3DS XL right now.
Yeah, this is a cool idea, but, I agree I don't like the idea of a refurbished system.
If I didn't already have a 3DS then I would in fact like this particularly the $99 Midnight Blue Dsi. I think I might get one for the kid brother - he keeps murdering the ones his mother gets him. Little mongrel.
Looks great if you are shopping on a budget , for example if you want to buy the console for your kid and you don't want to buy it brand new, you can buy it directly from the manufacturer and have the comfort of knowing that it's 'legit' and nothing shady. I personally want a 3DS XL but this looks very cool and I hope that they extend it to worldwide rather than just the US.
For a college student like myself, buying refurbished isn't too bad. Most likely I won't be playing games for more than an hour every couple of days or so, so having a handheld that can stand semi-daily use is good enough for me. My most recent handheld is a DS Lite from 2009, so I'm in major need of an upgrade at the moment where anything will do, as long as it's reasonably priced and still in good shape.
I already have a 3DS but I am also a college student and buying on a budget is always nice. I try to buy most of my games used just because it's cheaper.
I hardly ever buy used or refurbished electronic equipment. I once bought a laptop which was in pretty good condition, apart from a few scuff marks around the keyboard area. Nevertheless, I cleaned the whole thing with alcohol as soon as I got it home. I would probably do the same if I bought a refurbished Nintendo handheld. You just don't know who owned the system before and what their level of hygiene was.