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Aug 25, 2015
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Xbox has the achievement system, PlayStation has trophies. Heck even Steam has a whole achievement system in place. Does it bother you that Nintendo has never had achievements?

There's a report that the Nintendo NX may get an achievement system. How do you feel about that?

Personally, I will play a game a lot longer on the Xbox 360 than I probably should because of achievements. I do have this compulsion to get them all. If the Nintendo NX gets an achievement system, I'm very likely to do the same (although I'm a lot less crazy about getting them all on Steam).
It would be cool if Nintendo added achievements, but I don't mind not having them.
Achievements are a nice bonus, but I don't obsess over them too much.
I know some people go crazy getting every single achievement but it was just never a big deal to me.
I like to immerse myself in the story and game play and I find that killing 100 of something or picking up 100 gold coins hidden everywhere takes away from that.
I can see how it's easy to get obsessed (like Pokémon, gotta catch 'em all!) but it's just not for me.
My boyfriend is a total completionist so that fulfills my curiosity about achievements :)
Actually it would be kind of nice if they did have a achievement system. I still play my PS3 and getting the achievements adds replay value to older games. You can pass the game without any achievements, but part of the fun and the sense of accomplishment one acquires is due in part because of the said system that is found on the ONE and PS4.
I'm split on this issue. When Sony first introduced trophies, I went crazy trying to get as many platinum trophies as I could. It certainly helped with the replay value but I also found that gaming this way became a chore. Eventually, I stopped chasing after trophies and haven't even bothered updating my profile on PSN. Honestly, I don't care if Nintendo implements an achievement system or not. It's the games that count.
@Damien Lee I completely agree with you. I have to admit, I am an "achievement-aholic". I drank the achievement kool-aid and I've played way too many bad games on the Xbox 360 (finding all of the stupid kittens in Superman Returns, anyone?) because of those stupid achievements. Some of them are fun, some of them are gruelling but it comes down to if you're enjoying getting them, or if it becomes more a chore. Once it becomes a chore, why bother? It goes against the whole point of gaming, in my opinion.

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