Nintendo NX and on Smartphones


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Feb 17, 2015

The consoles NX I don't see us hearing anything about it for at least another year or even 2, be at E3 2016 or 17. So not really excited for that since no idea where else they can go with the consoles.

But Mario coming to a smartphone near you might help them drive interest into their products in the long run, though if they keep releasing systems behind the Big 2 then won't matter.
I'm down for it, but i have to wonder. Are we looking at new stuff, are will it be the same 3 mario's i've bought at least twice at this point. Either way this is great news. This opens up tons of possibilities.

As for NX, guess i'll start saving up for it now
Wow I really think that this will be something that will be big. Right now the smartphone market is huge I mean when you really think about almost everyone on this planet has a smartphone and they spend most of their time on it. Tapping into this market could be really huge for them and I can't wait until this is released.
My only issue could be that sometimes touch screens on phones and stuff are unresponsive or crash to much and I rather not have a game crash on me....

I just got my first tablet two weeks ago, and while I started getting used to it sort of, man just having physical buttons, there's just no comparison. I don't know how Nintendo is going to make that work. Playability is one of Nintendo's hallmarks, and I really don't know how they're going to overcome this HUGE challenge. I understand the move to smartphones, but I think Nintendo might be losing their way here. If you're special, people will know it and come to you. And I swear if I have to buy coins in SMB or something inapp I'll begin to scream! Don't become an Electronics Arts please Nintendo.
This could be great especially if the NX uses google play and with the nvidia mobile chipsets using their controller Mario and other games would work nicely.
My only issue could be that sometimes touch screens on phones and stuff are unresponsive or crash to much and I rather not have a game crash on me....
Totally agree with what you're saying. Smart phones are very convenient and generally make for good gaming devices. Unfortunately touch screens do not provide an adequate input mechanism, particularly for platformers and other types of action games. I hope manufactures will start making phones with a proper d-pad and buttons similarly to the GBA or DS. Games that are buggy and crash are also very common on smartphones, however Nintendo's quality levels are high so I don't expect it with their games.
What I'm wondering is what kind of stuff will they bring to smart phones? Like, maybe a Virtual Console iOS service? Or games like Sonic Dash only with Mario? Or maybe more budget 5-10 dollar titles?
I think smartphones have shown that they can be reliable enough as gaming devices (Angry Birds, anyone?) so I don't think that would be an issue.

The advantage of bringing their games to mobile is that the original NES and Super NES didn't have a huge amount of buttons or complex controls, so they can totally port all of the classics. I'd love to play A Link to the Past on my Android, that would be an automatic purchase for me, even if I do own it on as a cartridge and bought it on the Wii's Virtual Console. Sure, a cell phone or tablet will never replace the feel of that good ol' controller, but it would beat the other mobile games out there and tide you over until you get back to your console.
I would love it if Nintendo games were available on my smartphone! A game series that could very easily be ported to a smart phone is the Pokémon games. Since it's all pretty much turn based combat, you don't have to worry about reflexes or responsiveness of the cell phone. They could even let you share your progress on social media.

Make it happen Nintendo, I want to "catch 'em all" on my phone!
I want to go catching Pokemon, but it gets weird in the hood....
It's true that we still don't have an official date for the NX yet but I don't see Nintendo releasing their games on the smartphone anytime soon to plug that gap. The Wii U is still going strong, strong as it ever has and they are already having tremendous success with Pokemon GO so I wouldn't have though that Nintendo even need another project to keep them busy.
For some reason I always seem to forget that Nintendo is behind the whole Pokemon Go! phenomenon, so like @pwarbi mentioned - they are certainly keeping themselves busy. I would love to see them come out with some smartphone apps or games, but at the same time I am okay with them not doing it and focusing in on what they do best. I guess we will see what they have in store for us though.
Nintendo I think right from day one have always looked at the gaming market in a different way than what Microsoft and Sony do for example. They don't seem to worry about taking risks, and in the past while not all of them risks have worked, when they have got it right it's been more successful than what even they would have imagined.

Nintendo for me are the most revolutionary company in the gaming industry, and without them we wouldn't have seen a lot of the consoles we have, and even if they don't always get it right, the gaming industry will be a poorer place if they stopped trying and decided to just play it safe.
I absolutely agree. Nintendo is a much smaller company that is only dedicated to gaming while both Microsoft and Sony are huge companies that are involved in various areas with one big objective, sales.

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