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Sep 19, 2012
This is a speculation thread about the final product name for Nintendo's upcoming console, code-named NX. With only seven months left until launch, chances are that NCL's sales and marketing team in Japan has already narrowed their list down to a handful of candidates.

Some of the potential names gathered from other sites so far:

Nintendo Go
Nintendo NX
Nintendo X
Nintendo 7
Nintendo 10
I don't know about using X or 10... Off the top of my head currently Apple has Mac OS X (OS 10), Microsoft has Windows 10 (9 was skipped due to shoddy third party apps thinking 9 means 95 or 98), and RIM/Blackberry has Blackberry 10 (after failing to obtain BBX). Both are a little cliche at the moment.

Go's a little silly, and it may be bad luck to use the prototype name. That leaves Nintendo 7.

Though I'd prefer Nintendo Entertainment System 7, abbreviated to NES 7.
NES 7 would be BOSS. If they name it that, I might as well just hand them my wallet.
I like it. It's a simple naming convention that people will recognize but also be able to differentiate between versions. Most people can tell the difference between a PS3 and a PS4 by name, but many got confused by the Wii and Wii U (and thought the U was just an expensive controller). Having the NES 7 which is then followed by the NES 8 simplifies things and continues brand recognition.
Just wondering, what's the meaning behind the numbers in Nintendo 7 and Nintendo 10?
I think I developed a liking with NX.
A long time ago, I think Nintendo said DS was just a codename, then it came out with that name. Probably they couldn't change it because so many people started calling it a DS.

Unless they decide to call it something silly like a "Wii U Too", I think Nintendo will realize everyone is calling it a NX and call it that too.
I think i should stick with Nintendo NX or Nintendo Go, i like those names, i am not sure about the Nintendo 7 or the Nintendo 10, i don't even know what that means though.
I personally like the Nintendo NX as its final name. But at this point I will like anything that isn't "New" or "Wii".
The news is out! It's named "NX" after all. Will be released on March 2017. It's 1 year away, but time goes by quickly we'll never notice and 1 year is very very short
So I guess for those of you who are just itching to buy a 3DS/Wii U but don't have one.... you can still buy one? I remember this subject coming up.
I think while speculation has been rife about what Nintendo was going to call the new system, NX was about the favourite choice for a lot of people.

I wasn't too concerned about the name, I'm more concerned about the specifications of the system, and if it's going to be able to compete with the likes of Sony and Microsoft.
Sorry I misunderstood the post that I read, I thought it was confirmed that the name is indeed NX, but it was just a reference. But yeah, it's still a year away.
I kind of torn in between. But probably because of money matters in my case. I don't want to be left behind when it gets released just because I can't buy and play it. So I'd like it to be released a bit later so that I'll have the money to buy it, but then again, I am also excited to play it!
Am I the only one that's happy it's coming out later rather than sooner?

I'm not sure if I'd say I was happy, but I do think that Nintendo have to take their time and make sure the console is as good as it can be.

If that means waiting and perfecting what they've got, then I'm also happy to wait.
You know that "clink" will be in ALL the commercials now.

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