Nintendo NX for the young or for the old?


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Aug 22, 2016
Nintendo does seem to want to grab a broad market. Rumours are that it will be launched with cartridges, this will suit older players more, but is it just a marketing strategy? More and more people are downloading games from online and not going to brick and mortar stores. Is it just a way of connecting to it's past?
Games require access speeds that Bluray can't provide. That's why both the Xbox One and PS4 require you to install all games to the hard drive. Cartridges provide the faster access speed without having to wait for the game to install - and also means the console doesn't need a giant hard drive.
Launching a system with cartridges might not be the best move for the NX. I don't think they are doing that, now if I would support and type of cartridge game console, I would rather you use an external device like how XBOX did with the connect. I don't want to see Nintendo going back to the past like that.

While it is a cool concept, people will eventually get tired of their system having it knowing they aren't using it.
^ huh? It's not going back to the past. Carts are flash memory now and can hold more data than a disc. They read much faster cutting down on load times and eliminate installs. Carts in this day and age is the better choice and NX IS using carts. Nintendo made a contract deal for 32GB carts and that is surely NX. It's not 1996 anymore the tech has evolved.

Kinect is an total failure and they no longer even sell Kinect. Kinect nearly killed not just Xbox One but also nearly shut down the entire Xbox Division. Kinect was just the SEGA 32X 2.0. Making it an add on is dumb. Wii U is dead. Needs to die. Making add ons to a dying console NEVER EVER works. Need Proof? Turbo CD,SEGA CD,SEGA 32X,N64 DD and yes Kinect. Kinect killed 360's momentum over PS3 and killed XBO before it even launched until they removed it a year later. Also making an add on to play media also failed with 360 with a HDDVD drive. \

NX needs to be a new console creating a new market and yes use carts esp as a mobile device or have we forgotten PSP UMDs?
Well I think that we can solve this dilemma quite is for everybody. I always have thought that Nintendo suffered from that "for kids" cache or generality that some people like to associate with it. In some respects I am sure that it works to their benefit, but certainly not all the time. I am not sure the cartridges are something that immediate make it for the older generations, but it would add to the nostalgia, so maybe that is what they are going for. Should be interesting to see how it is received, and thanks for sharing.
I do agree, the tech might have improved but most people don't go into a store and buy their games anymore or at least most don't. It might be faster but it's not as convenient as downloading your game. If Nintendo only offer the option of using cartridges they could end up hurting themselves.
I highly doubt Nintendo would only sell games physically. Not sure where you got that idea.
@Lightning_Ninja Nintendo Nx still hasn't been launch so speculations are on a high. If you said that it would be launched in white with pink dots and bow on the side, you would still get people that would believe it. We will only know what it will be like when it's launched, until then it's speculations galore.
I personally think that it does not really matter what public it is aimed to, the only thing that we should care about is the console itself, worrying about who's going to buy them and who is not is quite useless since it is going to be bought by whoever wants to spend some money on it. I would buy it for me and let my children use it so there's no difference at all, that's my opinion though.

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