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Oct 15, 2012
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Nintendo NX is a cool name. It sounded futuristic and got Nintendo fans excited when the system got announced. But of course, Nintendo has a long history of using code names for their systems while in development (in fact, most hardware manufacturers have the same practice). Let's look at the codenames of previous Nintendo consoles:

Ultra 64 - Nintendo 64
Atlantis - Game Boy Advance
Dolphin - GameCube
Nitrogen - Nintendo DS
Revolution - Wii
Project Cafe - Wii U

So it's pretty obvious that the Nintendo NX name will change as we approach the console's release. So what do you guys think the real name of Nintendo's new console will be?
Presuming that there was some kind of unified hardware, that is that the controller itself was able to function as a handheld that played DS/3DS games, I would've assumed something along the lines of Nintendo Nexus. The problem with that is Google's prior art as regards the Nexus name, and that they have a Nexus-branded set-top box that functions as a game console. Personally, I hope that it's not a hybrid, in which case it's impossible to predict what they'll name it. The original Wii name surprised me with it's originality, even if I found it personally a very queer name for a console. My only hope is that they've learnt their lesson as regards successive branding: when you've a massively popular product, you don't trade on the name to try to pad successors. They learnt that with the Wii U, just as Microsoft's coalition learnt that with HD DVD.
Yeah, I agree with you that Nintendo NX sounds both cool and futuristic. Hopefully, Nintendo will keep it as is but that is unlikely given the company's past history with naming conventions. Nintendo always seems to surprise us when they announce the official name of their latest console. The Wii was a classic example of this which took the world by storm. Perhaps, they'll come up with a name that is equally original this time but that doesn't sound so weird.
I'm content with NX. Sound catchy and it sticks in your head. Enough with the code names already. Just focus on the guts of the system and hit the streets with enough muscle to take on Sony and Microsoft.
I'm perfectly content with that scenario. Unfortunately, that's never going to happen.

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