Nintendo NX rivals


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Aug 22, 2016
Nintendo pretty much dominates this niche, playstation tried it's best to take over Nintendo's strong hold of the market but wasn't able too. The only thing that can make a dent in it's market share are mobile phones. Do you think that the other console making companies have really given up?
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I think Microaoft is moving to a pc platform, but Sony is still dependent on their console business. If they can't succeed in consoles they may go under.
I think the other ones are giving up because the market isn't really saturated, but these companies have some big competition. I think in the gaming industry you have zero chances of success if you don't come into it with the same level of tech as what is already out.

I think that because if you can't produce something as good as current system, people won't waste time on your product. Just think about it, would you buy a system from a company that plays like the PS2? I wouldn't, that means they need to have some money invested into their company, and come with a bang, but generally small companies can't do that.

The game industry was one of those industries where you have no chances of success unless you were there in the beginning as you built up reputation. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it's going to take some work.
I do agree unless you have a lot of money to throw into the project and are prepared to make a loss at the beginning. The two companies that dominate the gaming market right now did this. Microsoft and Sony had enough money to wait for the market to come round in their favor. Fortunately Nintendo didn't follow them and pretty much went in it's own direction.
I really cannot think of too many. I think that we all know that they will be competing with the other consoles, but they do seem to have carved out their respective niche and I have not seen anyone come close to matching them, or even trying to for that matter. I think that this is good news, though, and it makes me even more curious to see what the NX has in store for is all. Should be fun and exciting to see, and thanks for sharing.
@rz3300 the biggest rival that Nintendo NX might find in the portability front could be mobiles, but they are by no means in the same league. The market is open for them to step into.

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