Nintendo NX: the new Wii or the next Virtual Boy?

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Aug 25, 2015
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There are reports that the Nintendo NX will be a social AR/VR console [source].

Do you think that the NX will be the next big thing as the Wii was, or do you think it'll flop like the Virtual Boy did back in the mid-nineties?

Personally, I think Nintendo has learned from their mistakes. They've had a few missteps but never shied away from trying something new. I think we're on the eve of a big gaming revolution with the NX and I'm anxiously waiting for Nintendo to release any kind of info about their new console.
Who knows? If it's true I'm inclined to think Nintendo has a good track record as of late implementing new technologies and redefining trends in gaming. Certainly the Wii and to a lesser extent the Wii U did well on that area. And with the madness of the Oculus Rift and companies releasing their competing VR headsets (like the Samsung Gear VR), Nintendo might ride the wave on this gimmick and come out on top.
On the other hand I'm not sure how much gamers will continue to support these unusual and innovative technologies as the a console's core, though obviously the Oculus has stirred up quite a bit of positive interest.

Me? I'd personally rather see a more balanced console, kind of like how the Wii U was compared to the Wii, with the possibility of a good hardware advantage over Sony and Microsoft, getting their usual IPs along with full third-party support.
It's too early to tell at this point. We still need to know more about the console, it's capabilities and pricing to have a clearer picture. Personally, I don't think console manufacturers are going to have it easy from this point on. There are just so many gaming alternatives available nowadays that consoles have lost some of their appeal. The NX will have to tick a lot of boxes to attract a healthy number of gamers. Let's hope that Nintendo have truly learnt from their mistakes.
They do think out of the box and try to carve out a niche. It has worked out great for the Wii, but we all know what happened to the Wii U (fail).

The virtual boy was a flop beyond comparison. Totally rushed with not support and a god awful red screen. It the start of a good idea and the only reason I want one is to amaze the ladies when they walk in and sit down as they have never seen one of these before.

Think about it guys. If the Nintendo came out with similar hardware like Sony and Microsoft, but with all of their first party games, they would probably be in the top spot right now. They would have the same third party games as the other guys, but no one else would have their mascots. I've said it before, please show up to a muscle car race with a muscle car. Not a cute hybrid that is $150 usd cheaper and no third party support.

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