Nintendo NX will be released with Android


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Aug 22, 2016
The new Nintendo NX is going to be released with android. Do you think that by doing this that Nintendo is preparing itself to get into the mobile market. The jump wouldn't be that big and there has been gaming cell phones before. Who still remembers the Nokia N-Gage?
I personally think that it is going to be changing the whole story of the Nintendo gaming, switching from consoles to phones is a clear proof of that they could not handle the market and they've failed on many things, it probably will have some popularity, but we have to wait and look at it happen, that's my opinion though.
@Casiox, completely true. I would not support Nintendo anymore as a gaming company because you don't do something like that. There is no market for both cell phone and gaming when you are a company that solely focuses on gaming consoles and entertainment.

Now technically there is nothing wrong with them doing that, but they are not known for having anything to do with cell phones in 2016, or so I believe. They don't need to do that, it just shows the lack of ideas I think.
@YoshiBoy Yes, absolutely, the lack of ideas, the lack of everything. Those people are doing this just because they do not want to quit the gaming market. I really find it useless, a company that has been developing console games since its beginnings, now is going to be making phones, that does not make any sense.
Well I am not sure if it is them "prepping" themselves, but you cannot really help but think there is something like that going on here. I am really interested to see what this exactly means, though, and to what extent the Android features will be present and how they interact with the console. If nothing else, it should be really interesting and exciting to see. Thanks for sharing.
I don't know, Nintendo itself never said that it would launch the NX with android. It was just some blogs that popped up claiming it would. It sounds to me they were nothing but click bate.

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