Nintendo NX with Pokemon GO Applications


Apr 16, 2015
Virtual Boy
Yes, I just can't stop reporting about Pokemon Go and how Nintendo can take advantage of the sensation that has hit the West.

I think that both the Wii U with it's tablet, as well as the NX system can take advantage of Pokemon Go as somehow cross market it with specialize and custom add on's only found when linked to them via blue tooth.

Wii U has a tablet that can be taken on the go anyways, might as well do something with that. But for the NX, and because it has not been released they still have time to tweak it and come up with some plan to implement features and expand playability, on the NX. It just makes sense to me as die hard Pokemon Go users will shell out a fe more bucks to get unlockable content only found when you purchase a Wii U or a NX system.

I might not play Pokemon Go, but I smell money in the water from a mile away.
Have you played the Wii U? I think you have make a critical assumption which is incorrect.

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