Nintendo Phone that looks like gameboy?


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Jul 29, 2016
Game Boy Color
So there has been a few threads on here about Nintendo making a phone. Wondering what people would think of the idea of designing to look like the classic gameboy. I think it would have a huge nostalgia feel to it. Thoughts?
I have heard of this so many times threw out the years. I think it would be super weird for Nintendo to go into the pone market, although it would be pretty cool to see a game boy looking cell phone. I'd buy it for an antique, but not to use. It would have to be much better than Samsung G Edge.

If you go on google images, you can see mock ups of peoples designs over the years of a concept Nintendo phone.
Flooded market. Be stupid esp how they have zero experience in it. Even before making NES they had experience in making gaming systems and arcade games. Nintendo never fully dives into something unless they have dipped their toe in it before. Motion with U force on NES. 3D with VB. Handhelds already had Game & Watch. I can see them partner with someone to put games on but never manufacture a phone. Probably just put in wifi Uchat again. Hopefully voice chat for games or parties like on PS4
Well I think that it would have some nostalgia, but I would really not think people would want to walk around with that, though. I could be wrong, and it would not be the first time. I would also just hope that they worked on the size, because if you remember right the original Gameboy looked a little like a brick, and might have weighed the same too. Interesting thought, though, and thanks for sharing.
Well, I actually thought of it more like a case design for any smartphone, however, it may be a cool thing if Nintendo ever tries to release a phone, I personally think that it would have a lot of success when it comes to sales and that sort of thing, it would be really cool :p
It really depends what market they are aiming at. If they are aiming at the original gameboy players I don't know it it will sell well. It was discontinued in 2003 so that is 13 years ago. If someone had one back then when he was 12 he will be 25 years old now. I don't know of many 25 years old that would walk around with one. If they are thinking of the younger market, they have to add some more features.
@SirJoe You're absolutely right, I do not really think that a 25 years old person will get too excited because of that device, at least most of them will not, I have seen a lot of 20 y/o+ people who really like playing with their Nintendo consoles and whatnot, but it is a whole different story, we're talking about marketing here.
I do think that they could make one that might remind you of the gameboy and try and get a younger market but I don't see that happening anytime soon. I think that Nintendo is looking into the future right now.
I don't think it's a good move for Nintendo even if mobile gaming is prevalent nowadays.
Problem with coming into the phone business now is so many are very established in what they have. Unless they could put Android on it, it would probably flop.

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