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Aug 29, 2016
I have a Pokémon game idea posted to this forum if you would like to see why ive come to a conclusion that a Pokémon console is something Nintendo could do in the near future.

note: this wouldn't be like anykind of console to-date its whole purpose it to play pokemon in new ways. Using one avune of games to see how the future of gaming will head for Nintendo what better way then to keep this Nintendo boat afloat and ride pokemon flagship to the end of the earth.

Pokémon Masters...What a title for a game. So massive now that I think about it a game alone is to small to fit a whole world of trainers. Then I came up with a new Idea.... Pokémon Console, or PokeConsole, Nintendo PokeConsole, Nintendo Catch. WHATEVER the name maybe. For the direction Id want to go with this console is to be able to preform all intended functions and mechanics this Pokémon game would require. Handheld/Portable, online/multiplayer, co-op, internet/wifi, 4glte, Bluetooth, Motion Dectection, GPS, and VR;

I want this console to have the latest and greatest gaming tools today also new innovations being introduced to console. . For example--- Pokémon Go uses gps to beam signals back infroth from gps satellite to phone tower to phone to find pokemon in your area. by expanding on this I belive we could be able to use some sort of device that combines GPS and VR to create virtual reality projections infront of you. A Visual battle field infront of you and your challenger to compete against one another and just have fun with such an innovative design I believe Nintendo could pull off. Imagine you and your friend in the middle of a soccer field, battling with your pokemon somewhat visible infront of you. the ground looking like a Gym battlefield with a different terrain affecting the color of the grid that's projected from some portable part of your PokeConsole. For example, If you've been to a Dave'n'Busters or gaming Center there in a few on the ground a huge touch screen that you can interact with your feet and has 3D with various themed games to play. I believe there is a means to this kind of VR GPS digital gaming gird projection development to happen soon.

Although that could be a possiblilty in the future lets keep the raw playable version of this game fresh feeling like a normal pokemon game type of game
Interaction is a must for this game. Exploring all sorts of unique ideas that could be added to the game of Pokémon Master. Making training pokemon like caring for a real life warrior companion would keep the game exciting everytime you play and for a long time aswell. Youd have a hard time putting the game down to eat dinner. Whether its walking many miles uphill, or keeping your controllers charged, ingame achievements,-how you communicate and interact in game -to your pokemon, npc, and fellow trainers, will help you to become a Pokémon Legend.
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So you want to pay $300 to play a single game. I'm just going to stick to my phone, 3DS, the Gameboy Micro on my keychain, and eventually the Switch TYVM.
$300 dollars? no that's not how much its worth but pricing isn't what I care about. Also its not 1 game idk if I specified that but it would be other games also. Mostly pokemon but other games also that's why it can have a different name like Nintendo Catch. Nintendo switch is underwhelming so feel free to pay 300 for that. More money for Nintendo to make a better console.
I'm not entirely sure what you're expecting to happen.
well I just want a new kind of system to be developed. Gameboy Color was the greatest handheld gaming device of all time and Pokémon attributed to its success. I believe with the success Pokémon Go. it could be a good avenue for Nintendo to start at. Creating innovative systems that you can focus around 1 idea of a game. then see how that goes and then make a multifaceted system after. taking the good parts from a 1 dimensional console then expand and add on new gaming innovations and put those ideas into a more completed version. Making these kind of staple new ground-breaking consoles that Nintendo continue to Create, makes gaming fun and rewarding for players. For example larger areas to control a game instead of a keyboard and mouse or a touchscreen monitor, GPS, VR or motion detection. By taking these elementals and making a room, whole house or even city part of the game and being able to control the world around you and have a direct effect on the game and impact the way we play games in the future. I guess what I'm trying to say is not all new gaming console have to be only digital with analog controls. Yah know combine these elements with other games like laser-tag, toy games, board games, sports. Take technology and put it into the world and have people be able to play and impact our world with just logging into their character.

A story of what has happened.
Theres this new game out Billy lets login and play. So Billy and his friend Sam log into xBox Live go online and have fun shooting people in Black Ops.
A story of what I expect to happen.
Billy and his friend Sam log into their Nintendo World accounts they pick up there gamer tags and throw them around their necks. They look fresh out of Gamer Bootcamp. Ready to play a game only The Future could connect to. The future of gaming came during their life and they were going to enjoy it. They have now entered the Gaming world. Billy and Sam walk to an Ordinary park, but they forgot to bring a football. O no worries they were prepared for this. Equipped with new gaming devices they just bought Sam and Billy put on Nintendo World Sport pack Exclusive gaming gloves and vwalla its a perfect world they have a digital football to pass thru the air with no ounce of weight when catching their gloves vibrate like a cellphone confirming both feet inbounds and possession, its a catch. Also id assume these two have some kind of digital image projecter vr type helmet on to make the football visible.

IDK man I expect big things for the future. And I want gaming to satisfy not only me or you but everyone.
and with the black ops thing I meant like using a controller and pressing LT to shoot not going around a town with a fake vr gun and vr ballistic looking gear nooo noo id never imply that lol

idk if any of yall used to use pvc pipes and make toy guys out of them and run around base pretending to be a Rambo god but that that in a controlled setting would be 1 hell of a game. plus it would generate more money then paintball or laster tag that's for sure.
oh and also could you imagine like digital swords and shields to beable to play in an ancient world of middle age war and battle. and dont pretend like any of you've neverheld your phone to the sky and Yelled THUNDER THUNDER THUNDERCATS HOEOOOOOOO
I really have no idea what you're talking about. It seems to be a mix of technical eventualities dissolved in a large quantity of technical impossibilities, irrationalities, and Things Nintendo Will Only Do If they Wish To Commit Market Suicide.

Right now the only thing we have even close to that is the Microsoft Hololens, And that's thousands of dollars and still can't do a fraction of what you're wet dreaming about.

And then you compare the Switch to it and find the Switch wanting, despite the Switch actually existing as a functional product. That's pretty bizarre.
you have a point but its hard to have an idea of a product that doesn't exist. So yah the Nintendo switch is the best Nintendo can do

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