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Aug 5, 2013
Nintendo 64
So did anyone here ever subscribe to the once popular Nintendo Power magazine? It ran for many years (1988-2012) before the editor shut it down to what I believe for not wanting to move the magazine online.

I got it for many years, enjoying the issues and learn about a lot of great upcoming Nintendo games.
this is a very sore subject for me. I've touched on it in a few older posts. I kept all of mine, we'll say from 2006 until it stopped. How many great games i enjoyed that i would've never known about? Bravely Default, Fortune Street, etc. Where else was i gonna think to look for all the cool secret stuff the 3ds came with?

(sighing sadly)
I had a Nintendo Power subscription in the nineties as well. Naturally, being published by Nintendo, it was fairly biased in its "reviews," etc but it was an intriguing monthly source of previews from upcoming games and systems, a bit of look behind the scenes, etc.

The aspect that I most fondly remember are actually the surprisingly well done comics for various Nintendo franchises, especially the ones tied to Super Metroid and A Link to the Past. Great stuff!
I've never subscribed to Nintendo Power. I only came across 2 copies in my entire life and never considered it as an impartial source of gaming news. During the 90's I would often purchase Electronic Gaming Monthly, GameFan and the UK-based C&VG to stay informed about the world of gaming. I was always a multi-console owner and needed to read up on previews and reviews of games coming out on the various systems.
I was going to subscribe, only to figure out that they had shut down a few months before. :(

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