Nintendo should hire Bluepoint or Tantalus to make HD ports of Wii/GC games


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Mar 3, 2017
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While Nintendo is busy making new titles for the Switch, they should get HD remakes of amazing games that we are dying to play on the go for Switch. The game design and the assets are done. They could contract this work out to any competent dev looking for work. How amazing would it be if we get HD remakes of all the great Nintendo games in all of their franchises (Kirby, Metroid, Mario, Star Fox, etc.) Get them running at high resolutions with 60 fps with upgraded textures and redone 2d artwork.

I want Nintendo to focus on making new games. But there's already a drought. Why not hire Tantalus or Bluepoint to remake some of the greatest Nintendo games for the first Nintendo portable capable of running them? It would fill out the release calender, be fairly cheap to do and wouldn't take away anything from Nintendo's own development efforts.

My picks would be...

Wii Sports Resort + Wii Sports + Nintendo Land Party Pak - The greatest party games ever made packaged together into the greatest party collection of all time. Who could pass that up?

Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 - These games would look absolutely amazing with a HD remake. And being able to play them on the go would be a long time dream come true for me. Wii Sports and Wii Sports Plus - These games are the most successful party games of all time and literally made the Wii a smash hit. I would love to see them remade with 1080p assets to take advantage of Rumble Plus for nostalgia reasons. I know I would love to play this with 1080p assets and advanced motion and advanced rumble the next time I have family or friends over.

Metroid Prime Trilogy HD Remake - One of gamings all time greatest trilogies remade in HD and available to play on the go. This would be an instant hit.

F-Zero GX HD + Wave Race HD + Excitebots HD - Yes Mario Kart is amazing but Nintendo has neglected it's other three amazing racers. Releasing this in HD and on the go would bring high speed, high action racing to a new generation of youth while also enabling us old fogeys to enjoy them again.

Again, it would take absolutely nothing away from Nintendo's development time to remake these classics and release them onto the Switch, the first portable truly home console in history. All the assets are done and they could hire any competent developer over to do the porting work. The revenue these games would generate would easily overcome the modest costs to make these remakes. It would automatically plug any downtime in between releases and for many of us who long dreamed of playing these titles on the go, this would be a memorable addition.

What titles would you want remade?
What is some of the previous work by Bluepoint or Tantalus?

I love HD remakes, but they are not just a matter of bumping textures and pixel counts. Things get even more complicated with 2D games. You need artistic directors who will make important stylistic decisions, and by doing that you are altering the feel of the game. This is not an exact science, and the process is further complicated by blowback from fans who feel like their favorite game is being butchered and are not shy about making their voices heard.

Just look at the 1080p version of Street Fighter II. The studio who remade it put an insane amount of time an effort into hiring artists to redraw a huge number of sprites and backgrounds, but too me the result looks too cartoonish and does not like authentic Street Fighter II. I just don't like the art direction of the remake. Seeing that with Metroid or Mario would be tragic.

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