Nintendo Sold Me A Queer OLED Switch


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Feb 9, 2022
I want my $350 back

Amazon isn’t at fault, it’s the software corporation. Your suppose to be about integrity with childhood IP characters and their classic games, where an adult can just pickup a Nintendo Switch like casually watching SpongeBob SquarePants and fall in love with their own childhood all over again

This February 9 Nintendo Direct and like everything since the Nintendo GameCube, save for a few things like Mario Galaxy or Metroid Prime, is all generic watered down cel shaded graphical trash because you Nintendo assume your audience are stupid

Here’s a hint: nobody cares about JRPGs and how many 3rd party titles are coming out to your console

You teased the world with:
And gave us Breath Of The Wild

Where‘s the Link’s Awakening remake for Oracle of Ages, Seasons, and The Minish Cap?

Where‘s Metroid Prime 4 and the trilogy? The Banjo Kazooie Threeie? Donkey Kong 64 2? Mario Galaxy 3? Mario Kart 9? Sequels to the aforementioned handheld Zelda games?

You’ve got all these IP characters and you just don’t care, as all you care about is whatever is cheap to invest in and make the most money

A forum moderator will probably delete/edit/move this thread because Queer is in the title, comes off as homophobic, and says something bad about the company
If you knew so much about Nintendo and feel they treat their customers badly because they haven't announced your favorite games. you are salty because you want to "fall in love with their own childhood all over again"
yet complain about glitchy graphics, should that be nostalgic for you? shouldn't that make you fall in love with your childhood again?

You are just annoyed because you think Nintendo should do everything to please YOU.
The vast majority of Nintendo fans do indeed care about JRPGS, they sell well because people buy them.

prime 4 will get announced when they are ready, if they announced it early and is a hot mess, fans like you would be first to say how bad it looks blah blah blah.

also adding "queer" to a title is a bit lame, thinking it will add some edge to your rage. if you want your 350 back you shouldn't have paid for it in the first place....
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