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Feb 24, 2017
If you are looking for an online community to play organised online games like Bomberman, Fast RMX, Mario Kart, Tetris and other games, we have a community for UK/EU players to join.

You can join even if from different time zones but there might be time issues for you to play with us.

The community rules are quite simple.

- Since this is a Nintendo Switch community you will need to have a system.
- There is no real age restriction but you will be expected to behave well and be nice to people, this is a friendly community.
- Please keep the discussion clean, spoiler free and as close to gaming as possible.
- For online gaming it is required for you to be able to communicate in some way preferably with a mic.
- This will be an active community for people to find online games or have Nintendo Switch related discussion, so to keep the community on topic and active we will remove inactive people at the start of every month.
This is not a strict rule but just to make sure we don't end up with too many inactive people who are here for no reason.

This is mainly a Facebook community called ""Switch On"" but if you still want to join I can put your Nintendo ID in the list, you just wont be able to see events and times if not on FB.

We are about 50 active members now and would welcome more for an active online Switch community.

Feel free to ask questions or leave a message here for an invite.

If this post is breaking T.O.S please DELETE.

Thank you for checking out.

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