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Jan 30, 2017
Hey guys.

Post your Nintendo Switch account name on here so that we can add each other.
Hey everyone! I like to play casual matches online. Nothing too serious though. I'm currently playing Mario Kart & Arms. I'll also be playing Splatoon & Pokken when they come out.

I don't get to play as much as I would like, but I try to be on every night during the week and at least a few hours on the weekends. Send me a message on here or Discord before you add me so I'll know to accept it.

Switch FC: SW-4765-0832-8401
Discord: AndyWH386 #0807
ayy wuss poppin jimbos

I play lots of ARMS. I sometimes play MK8D and rarely 1-2 switch, because 1. that game isn't the best and 2. I don't always have a friend over to play it with him.
I'm a pretty competitive ARMS player. I main Spring Man with Tribolt + Boomerang. Currently I'm in rank 4, or Whirligig.
Like AndyWH386 said, message me on Discord that you're going to add me.
Friend code: SW-4185-4542-3426
Discord: crazyjohn #3866

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