Nintendo Switch having 4 GB?

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Jan 23, 2016
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Hey guys, I have seen 4 GB news for the Switch according to Emily Rogers, the liar who is seemingly getting her reputation back as she starts to have more true rumors than lies.

She says its a GOOD thing that 4 GB is on the swtich because its a portable. No Emily, this is a hybrid, also a home console. 4GB is like 1/2 of XBOX ONE and PS4 standards of 8GB, woefully underpowered for a next gen system. I hope this is wrong or else.....
Nintendo programs in machine language. 4GB to them is probably like 16gB for the Xbox One. Have you ever looked into MinuetOS?
Fully up to date and runs on the latest hardware, fits on a floppy disk.
1. Old news.

2. I'm pretty sure those rumors of 4GB did not originate with Emily Rogers. I'm pretty sure she is just repeating the outburst of rumors around the time of the Switch presentation, saying that dev kits had 4GB RAM.
Not that big of deal. We still don't know how much Vram it has tho.Nintendo since at least Gamecube offers a separate pool.
Plus: Cartridges. They sit just slightly below RAM in terms of speed.
We should wait for official confirmation on things before reacting either way.
^ Yeah, I agree. I'm just trying to be fair.

Saw this on youtube and now I can feel a little relieved about the 4gb, since this is cartridge based and not disc based, it does not need that much ram. Look at the full video above to see why, something Graham said similarly
may be because the nintendo OS is realy lighter than xbox one's windows
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There's not a lot I believe about new hardware news for any console until I hear it from the horses mouth. And up till now all they've given was a trailer and announced a date for more news (mid Jan).

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