Nintendo Switch (OLED) and Mario Kart Live Circuit


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I just purchased a OLED switch and Mario Kart live circuit. All software/firmware is up to date. Here's the problem: I can't get Mario to pair with the switch. I've followed all directions (even from nintendo support). I've tried this on two new oled switches and 2 mario's. I took the mario car to my sons house and it paired with his switch (non oled) version 2. Here's what happens when I try. Both the red and blue lights on the Kart are flashing and then the red light turns off and the blue remains flashing (which means its trying to connect to the console). The screen is still on the Code bar. If go home I can see that the wifi symbol is showing that the console's wifi is in Local mode (there's an L at bottom of wifi symbol). If shut down game then the console reconnects to my wifi network. I was on chat with support but they were no help. Has anyone had this problem or any suggestions? Thanks.