Nintendo Switch

It's basically everything I wanted it not to be. Wii U times 10.
It is what it is. You can either love it, or claim you hate it and repeatedly whine and whine and bicker before grudgingly accepting that it is the only way to play the next Nintendo games. It's more straightforward to accept it now.

Incidentally what did you want? Nintendo could never get people to accept a PS4/XBOne clone.
Well, I'm sold. This is pretty much exactly what I want from Nintendo's next system. No stupid gimmicks - just gaming. And I love that I can now just purchase one Nintendo console to cover home and portable. I'm hopeful that, since it is cartridge based, it'll be backwards compatible. As a handheld, I think think 900p on a tablet sized screen with traditional sticks and buttons is awesome. And as someone who isn't a graphics whore, it's perfectly acceptable to me as a home-console, especially since they'll have a pro controller available right out of the gate. One of my biggest worries was whether or not I'd be forced to use only the detachable controller(s) all the time. I always did like being able to play WiiU games in bed or whatever via the GamePad, but it was severely limited. It's nice to see I'll be able to continue that on the Switch to a much higher degree of quality. All that's left now is to see if it'll support GameCube controllers for Super Smash Bros Switch.

The system seems to be off to a decent start third-party game wise, but I personally don't care much about that other than the fact that it would be nice to see more than just hardcore Nintendo fans buy it. I've gotten to the point where I have no expectations from a Nintendo console on that front. If the third-party support continues, great. If not, fine.

Best thing from the reveal trailer to me was what appears to be a new, truly 3D Mario title.
There are some leaks on Switch specs out there, saying it will have 32GB storage, 4 mobile cores at 2GHz max, 4GB RAM, 720p screen, and a nice GPU that although impressive sounding, probably won't be more powerful than a full featured Tegra x1 as seen in the Shield console. Even though it's a Tegra x2. If the specs I have read are totally true, I'd say the Switch will be maybe about 50% more powerful than the Wii U. The problem is that the Wii U with its custom design DOES have some power to it. It can't easily be replaced by a mobile all-in-one chip.
It's basically everything I wanted it not to be. Wii U times 10.

you know, as excited as i was, a thought crossed my mind: That's what the wii u should have been.

I totally popped when i saw NBA being played. The list of 3rd party is what excited me the most. I'd like some sports. Looks awesome, but not in a hurry to get it.
My most pressing questions are price and battery life. I really need answers to those. As a result, I don't feel I can say how I feel.

I will say that whoever designed the outward aesthetic for the docking bay should get a raise. It looked pretty cool.

I also hope that it can be plugged in and out that quickly and easily, and that they weren't just exaggerating for the video.
Well an employee at an undisclosed retailer, confirmed by Reddit staff to work for that company, said it would cost $300-$400, $400 being the premium bundle. We can't say without a doubt it will be, but we can certainly toy with the idea.
Nintendo's marketing and strategy in this reveal was smart: Straightforward and to the point, giving clear explanations of what the NX could do.

Playing third party games on the go vs Playing prettier games on more powerful consoles could be a marketing seller for them.
Nintendo Switch looks really cool and interesting to me. To be honest, its about everything I've wanted from a system. You can take it anywhere, and it has detachable controllers. It's everything I thought the Wii U was at first, but now it seems even better. And this isn't biased, plus I used to flip out a lot more about this kind of stuff. And after seeing the pictures you showed as @grahamf, it definitely seems cool. I don't know if I'll be getting it, though, but maybe. I'm not sure if I like the name either, but it might grow on me. Anyway, thanks.
Well an employee at an undisclosed retailer, confirmed by Reddit staff to work for that company, said it would cost $300-$400, $400 being the premium bundle. We can't say without a doubt it will be, but we can certainly toy with the idea.

lets be honest, if it was any cheaper than that, id be scared it was cheaply made (physically). We never had that problem with Nintendo before though. My family sure is pumped about this thing
Engadget seems to think this means we can have specialized controllers, which is kind of cool.

And I wonder if this thing supports more advanced docks? It would be awesome if you could still eventually buy a dock that enhances the power (like we though we did) - or even have compatibility chips so you can play Wii U games and even disks - hell, a dock attachment that adds gamecube port compatibility.
What's really worriying is what processor Switch is going to use....I know that Tegra is great and all but from what I heard, its power is a complete joke when comparing it to something like Iphone 7.

I'm going to miss Dual Screen gaming here I guess....looks like the only way to play 3DS/DS games is to get a 3DS which I thankfully have.

EDIT: Also if the color thing is confirmed, I'm all for Blue! :D
I'm excited for this product.
Many people have noticed the lower framerate, although, seeing as how it is a trailer, i did notice that there wasnt any HUD on any of the games, so i wonder if it was just a video rendered onto the screen when making the trailer or some other video magic. (Ie its not actual gameplay).

I'm just relieved that they are not pushing dual screen gaming on a home console. (its alright on handhelds).

The industrial design of the Switch seems very "sony", and quite a radical departure from Nintendo.

What has me worried? I heard on a podcast that so far whats been shown is a standard "traditional" gaming device. The person said they're concerned that closer to launch Nintendo might reveal some "crazy" Nintendo stuff... (like TVii, that finger heart monitor, etc) stuff which Nintendo does not do well. I dont want them focusing on stuff they're not good at. I just want a great gaming devise and great games from Nintendo.

I hope the Switch brings the internal handheld and console game devs closer so that there are more first(and second) party games released for the Switch, as opposed to the split energy we have seen on Nintendo platforms.

The games will make or break the system.

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