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Jun 27, 2016
I'm really fed up of people bickering Nintendo's youtube policies here and there.

Jim Sterling and Angry Joe are recently trolling around Nintendo. The former encourages people to steal Nintendo products, the latter rants at Nintendo's youtube policies by claiming not to get 1-2 switch.

I don't really get this at all. If people are going to bash at one company about these copyright youtube stuff then why not bash other game companies for this as well?
Oh trust me, there are plenty of people who do! But yes, you do tend to find that the internet's full of fanatics about one thing or another, so they'll always slate the other side like theirs was only opinion in town or something! (it's as bad with gamers as it is with either politics or religion). On one side you've got all the fanatical XBox fans trolling the same old garbage like how nobody likes Nintendo because of [insert excuse here...] , so they will never sell, etc. (when what they really mean is that THEY don't like Nintendo, but meanwhile everyone who has currently bought one and is playing one is reading their comments and laughing at how silly they sound! Then on the other side you've got just as many fanatical people who are diehard fanboys of other consoles like either Nintendo and Playstation doing much the same thing, only the other way round, and that anyone who disagrees with their opinion must surely be the minority and have got it wrong, and therefore must be shot on site for having the ordasity to simply like what they like! lol. (it would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad!). Personally I'm more of an each to their own kinda guy, so I totally get where you're coming from with how anything that gets! It's so easy to wind them up though, so I either avoid it or just have a little harmless fun with them at their expense! Whenever you meet people that are only capable of seeing things one way, it really doesn't take much effort to send them in a headpspin, as the slightest little thing will make them pop a fuse, and probably lose a gonad! (or three!!) O
But this youtube thing is something that I'm really sick off. Why can't you see Nintendo fans defend the youtube junk being all over the place than just Nintendo doing it?

I will ask this again, why can't youtubers just upload some other crap to make money out of instead of ranting at Nintendo for blocking their said videos?
Are there any other companies who even have the extreme YouTube policies of Nintendo? Or anything that's relatively close to it? I can't even think of another one. EA, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Bethesda, etc. all let you do lets plays and reviews without being in some sort of partnership contract with them. I think it's important to hold a company's feet to the fire even when you love them, because other wise they'll never get better.

As for "why can't they just do reviews on other games instead?". Would you prefer that? Why would you want less opinions instead of more? YouTubers are great for advertising games, but if Nintendo wants to play hard ball about it then maybe they should just go somewhere else.
There's Capcom, SEGA and many other Japanese developers out there that its not even fair to just pin point at Nintendo alone for this.

If anything, its Youtube who should be blamed for starting this copyright thing in the first place.
Capcom and Sega don't force you to give them like 40% of your income per video if you use their footage. They also don't actively attack and go after fan games. In fact, Sega encourages it.
No. SEGA and Capcom also blocked off a lot of fan made games so its not just Nintendo doing this as well.
They did? If that's the case then that's bad and people should be calling them out. However I have seen the official Sonic YouTube channel comment on a fan game that they're fine with fan games and them being played on YouTube. Maybe they changed their policy lately, I don't know.

However, also remember that Nintendo is far more popular than Capcom and Sega are and many people are playing fan games based on their IP's. So therefore since more people are going to be dealing with Nintendo blocking them from doing so, there's going to be more outrage directed at them.
Hey everyone, I am back from a long hiatus from TNE. I think nintendo's copyright policies are complete bullshit, but a lot of their practices have been like that since the NES era, where they threatened retailers to not stock their competition (ie: Tengen) or else they understock the amount of NES's available.

Nintendo, adapt or die. I swear to god.

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