Sep 2, 2013
Nintendo DS
Hi there. I grew up on SNES but haven't really played nintendo games in a very long time. However, recently I have felt burnt out on gaming but then I started to see why. Most games are just rehashes. I am 29 now and I feel like I have played enough first persons shooters to last me a lifetime. So now with new consoles on the way, I look at the titles, and honestly stuff like Titanfall does not appeal to me in the slightest.

Enter the Wind Waker bundle. I have not owned a Nintendo console since SNES. Well Gamecube, too, but I was not doing much gaming those days. Only games I truly remember playing was Ocarina of Time remake, MGS Twin Snakes and Mario Party. Never played Wind Waker.

So basically I am looking at new consoles that no doubt push the graphics envelope but showing games that are same ole shoot here kill there.. there is enough of that in the world. Now I am actively looking up Wii U previews. Tropical Freeze, 3D Mario Land, Smash Bros... this is tugging at my nostalgia bone so hard. I miss creativity.

I have been playing a ton of my wifes DS. currently cannot put down Bowsers Inside Story. Recently bought Zelda Spirit Tracks and Mario 64.

As a Nintendo kid at heart, it feels nice to be back home! (However I am not fanboy. There are no doubt AAA titles that I will continue to get on PS3 (hopefully if they still release on it.)

soooo yeah. Hi! XD
I agree that there are very few games on the modern consoles today that are worth playing. Most of the really good ones are usually PSN/XBL/Wiiware originals. Let's hope Nintendo comes up with some original titles for the Wii U really soon.

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