NintendoDS...built to even guide satellites to the Moon


Apr 2, 2015
Well, ok, not really. But I've done a lot with my Nintendo in the past and maybe you guys can tell me or remind me what you've done too.

Get this, I used to be in Korea as an English teacher, and one of the rewards I gave to the kids in some of my classes was letting them play some on the DS. Not all my schools allowed this, but the cool ones did. When some schools got fussy about it, I'd try and show them the English program/game on there: SEE! They're learning English in a fun way. Of course not everybody was won over, over there. They'd still just rather kids learn new words, even though they don't know how to use them in sentences, but I guess that's another story.

Back then too I'd use it for an MP3 player as well as putting videos on there for my kids to watch. Being in Korea was the king of piracy, so I got a card where I could just download the games and files and music on there. You have to know, this was a good ten years or so ago, so getting some video to play on a screen like that was still pretty novel. Or at least to me!
I didn't know that the Nintendo DS was used for such an application. It's actually a very versatile little handheld. More powerful than people actually give it credit. At it's heart, it's really a very capable 32-bit system that makes use of dual ARM processors. I remember, when it was first released it was used by DJ's as a tool during their mixing sets. I don't know if they used one of those music sequencers such as Korg DS-10 or if there was a hacked / homebrew alternative.

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