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Dec 25, 2013
Nintendo 64
I'm not sure if this is monitored by Nintendo staff, but I really had to let off some steam - No charger with the console.

What an absolute disgrace. I brought this my son for Christmas & he cannot play it until I buy him a charger.

I used to be such a Nintendo fan, but this has seriously pushed it too far. I'm ok with Nintendo making 10 new versions for the same console as a sales strategy...I Get why a company would do that. But this? What angers me is Nintendo has lost so many fans to Sony / Microsoft - Yet the remainder aren't exactly treated for loyalty, but bled dry...!

Who's idea was it to sell a Hand held console with no way of charging it unless making another purchase? I'm furious.

I can assure the company I will NOT* buy another console if this appears to be the case again & as a customer demand an apology over such a stupid & arrogant decision.

The console itself is very good. I'm not in any way starting a flame thread over the console - But you can understand my anger towards the company.
Yeah, Sorry I didn't initially specify that.

It didn't come with a charger? That's extremely odd. I bought mine brand new and it came with not only a charger but with a charger dock as well. That is really odd.
He said he was from the UK. Nintendo of Europe made the notoriously questionable decision to not include a charger with the systems.
I haven't heard about this. That's nuts. Why in gods name would they do that....

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