No Man's Sky - Revolutionizing Space Exploration


Oct 23, 2015
I first heard about No Man's Sky (currently in development for PS4/PC) when one of the creators was interviewed on The Late Show. All you have to do is watch this interview to understand how amazing this game is going to be:

Thanks to the power of MATH, the game is able to incorporate 18 quadrillion unique planets (many of which are inhabited by flora and fauna) into a multiplayer universe that structurally resembles our own real universe. The odds of running into anyone else as you explore? Slim, thanks to how massive the sky out there is.

The game is a resource management/exploration FPS (I personally wish it was 3rd person but them's the breaks). It's essentially a giant sandbox, but you do have to keep track of things like spacecraft fuel levels (and your own impending mortality should you run into something that can kill you). With billions upon billions of planets to explore - and slap your name on should you be the first one to arrive there - I don't see getting bored too quickly.

Personally, I am extremely excited for this game and can't wait until it comes out. I'm hoping it ends up feeling like Skyrim in space. Currently there is no release date set, but I assume because interviews about the game have been picking up, it will probably be announced soon. Has anyone else heard of it? Are you planning to check it out?
I've checked out a few trailers of No Man's Sky and the game does look quite impressive. However, I'm not too keen on sandbox games because they tend to get boring after a while. I hope the developers will fill the game up with enough fun missions to keep gamers engaged. From a technical perspective, No Man's Sky can't be faulted - it seems that it's on a class of it's own.

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