No more fruit snacks!!!!


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Jul 15, 2014
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One day Thekid woke and wanted some fruit snacks do he grabbed a box of Dora the explorer fruit snacks that was in his cabinet but when he put his hand inside the box there was none left so he decided to go to the store and get some so he grabbed his wallet and key and left his apartment to the store but when he got to the store there was no Dora fruit snacks so he asked the store manager were the Dora fruit snacks were? The manager looked at him with a wierd face and then he said "Dora the explorer has been cancelled so no more Dora fruit snacks but we have mario and zelda fruit snacks" Thekid then grabbed the mario and zelda fruit snacks and then threw them into the sun and then he said "no I want Dora fruit snacks" I won't stop instill I find them Thekid then went to every store in the world but he couldn't find any so he decided to run away leaving a note to his friend joe saying that he was running away and that Dave the guy who lives behind his couch can have his apartment and all his money in his bank which has $43 dollars in. Thekid had disappeared the next day.

Soon after Thekid left joe the note he ran away because he couldn't find any Dora fruit snacks

After a thousand years joe and his friends stop looking for him

Thekid then lived in the mountains building an army of dogs and cats

After building an army of dogs and cats he then went to war with Nickelodeon for no Dora fruit snacks

But they had his weakness a lawsuit

Nickelodeon then had Thekid and all the cats and dog put in jail for 200 years

After getting out of jail Thekid built a robot with lasers and stuff who refused to go on a date with him to defeat nickelodeon

But unfortunately Nickelodeon gave the robot a tv show and the robot abandoned Thekid

Thekid then gave up and then flew into the sun because he didn't want to live on a planet with no Dora fruit snacks.

Don't eat Dora fruit snacks

Eat mario fruit snacks

The End

Don't ask why I made this just be glad it's real

Twitter: Thekid831
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