NX: An Android console by Nintendo?

Professor E. Gadd

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Oct 15, 2012
Wii U
A Nintendo insider has revealed intriguing new information about the Nintendo NX exclusively to Nikkei Shimbun (the most popular business newspaper in Japan, similar to the Wall Street Journal in the U.S.). Among a few interesting tidbits about the upcoming console, the most surprising part of the story is that Nintendo is seriously considering using the Android operating system in its next-generation consoles, which includes not only 'Project NX' but also its upcoming mobile gaming platform.

Nintendo has been widely criticized for poor execution of the operating systems powering both the Wii and the Wii U. Among the most common complaints from consumers are the slow speed of the interface, clunky navigation system, limitations when copying and saving files, poor integration of online services, and a lack of third-party apps.

Switching to Android would allow Nintendo to accomplish several things. It could unite the operating systems of all of its consoles under one code base (Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has already hinted that having a single OS for home and portable systems would be ideal). Having a single OS power all consoles would mean you could easily take your home games on the go with your phone or tablet -- imagine the possibilities.

Android is the biggest app ecosystem in the world (it eclipsed iOS last year as Android phone sales overtook iPhone). Having an Android-based console would mean that Nintendo could invite third-party developers to publish their apps and games for NX without much effort. Games could be easily ported from Google Play, Amazon Fire TV app store or Nvidia Shield. That could mean TONS of third-party games on Nintendo NX and mobile from DAY ONE.

Finally, Nintendo could finally have a state-of-the-art operating system without dedicating large amounts of money to developing their own OS. Forking Android would be a less ambitious undertaking than developing a new OS from the ground up, yet it could still be customized to Nintendo's liking. Since Nintendo has always taken a "walled garden" approach to their platforms, they could take Android and basically make it into a proprietary, custom Nintendo OS. They could lock out developers they don't approve and implement whatever licensing system they want, just like they did in the old days.

Android could open a lot of doors for Nintendo, and gamers would be the first to benefit from this decision.
This sounds interesting enough. Let's see how things progress. I think using the android OS is a excellent idea and it is thinking "out of the box". Expand on a market that is already established. Why create a OS when there are millions of them already out there already being used?
Nintendo has already shot down the rumors, but don't mean they aren't trying something with android. Time will tell but I really hope Nintendo just does something that makes it easier for them to get games.
The recent news that Nintendo may be incorporating Android for their next console the 'NX' didn't surprise me. While Nintendo is denying the rumors, that's exactly what large console manufacturers often do.

Let's face it, Android is a versatile and robust OS that would bring forth many benefits to Nintendo's future console. It would make it easier for them to attract third-party support and potentially win the next console race. While I'm also concerned about crappy apps making their way onto a Nintendo console, I'm sure Nintendo won't allow such a low-level of quality.

Guys, what are your thoughts on this? Do you think Android is the right OS for the Nintendo NX?
Wow this is pretty interesting, would surprise me if this would actually happen. I mean I think it would work out but I just dont see Nintendo doing it.