NX Handheld using variant of Nvidia tegra SOC, console upgraded Espresso


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Apr 13, 2016
Wii U

However, the NX console seems to be using an upgraded IBM/AMD combo like the Wii U and Wii and Gamecube before it.
At this rate I'm thinking Nintendo needs to find a way to guarantee access to the base chip design. If true, this honestly is what I expected Nintendo to do. Nintendo simply can't compete with Microsoft and Sony's graphical race, and I don't see why they should. The Wii U has shown that top-of-the-line graphics are no longer necessary. Hell, my two most favorite games are the two HD Zelda remakes; which just freshen up the Gamecube versions. The Wii was popular despite being the weakest console that generation, relying instead on a low price and a new way to play the game.

The NES, SNES, N64, and even Gamecube were pretty much the most powerful systems of their time, but that was because the extra power was NEEDED. A SNES provided a much better gaming experience than a NES, while the N64 brought us proper 3D games. The Gamecube was the last system where the system power provided a major change to how all games are played. While there are a good handful of games that use vital mechanics the Gamecube may not be able to handle (such as Splatoon), for the vast majority the Wii and Wii U only touched up the window dressing. Most of the latest Wii U games could be redesigned to work on the Gamecube without losing much fidelity.

Thus, I believe Nintendo should be focusing on making a lower-cost console that works great. The Wii ended up being bought as a secondary console to an XB360 or a PS3, so make the NX the same thing. Nintendo has delayed the console to ensure it has a solid lineup at launch, so there should be no reason to NOT buy one. Especially if you can play all your Wii U games on it.
The cost of the new console is going to be key I think in making this a success or a failure. While I know the amount and quality of games is going to be important, the cost if the actual system itself is going to be the deciding factor.

When the PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE came out, the prices were too high, and that stunted the sales to some extent and even now, they might be a bit cheaper, they're still not exactly flying off the shelves like Sony and Microsoft intended. The name Nintendo is synonymous with gamers, and if they can offer a high spec console, at a reasonable price, it's going to sell, and sell big.
I picked up a Wii U yesterday. Based on what I've played so far Nintendo doesn't need to compete with the graphical power of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Games like Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World look amazing and while the NX won't be as powerful as Sony and Microsoft's machines it will be more powerful than the Wii U, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what Nintendo can do with the console.
Well I certainly agree with you on the point that they should make a low cost console that works great. In the end, that is what we all want, is it not? That said, though, it is easy to see how a company would want to go all out and try to surpass the competition, but maybe Nintendo is wise enough to just accept their place and really work to master their place there. I hope that this is the case, anyways, but I guess we shall wait and see. Thanks for sharing.

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