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Aug 5, 2013
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So Nintendo is finally jumping on the digital download bandwagon and is having more and more digital downloads. This also means that their system needs a heck of a lot more storage than what the Wii U offers.

How do you feel Nintendo should handle NX's storage? Make it external, throw in a TB or 2 HDD or just make it something basic but easily swappable like the PS4 is?

I personally feel they just need to include at least a TB of internal storage.
That is going to weigh heavily on consumer test reports and price. Adding more then what is needed or warranted will increase over price. Lots of people avoided consoles in the beginning because of steep prices. Nintendo has always been the cheaper alternative. I don't think they should deviate from that. However, gamers demand has changed and the need for extra storage is a must.
I don't think Nintendo has to worry about costs going up from adding TB storage which is becoming cheaper these days and if you plan on a lot of digital stuff then TB is a must. But if Nintendo still wants to keep costs down, which is a good move, then they just need to make it easily swappable or easily add external storage.
Well, if the NX is going to offer strictly downloadable games then it makes sense to offer sufficient storage. At the very least, a 1TB hard drive should come as standard and should be easily replaceable. And even 1TB probably won't be enough for those Nintendo fans that will download a lot of games. They may need hard drives that are around 2TB or higher.
Hopefully it's not true that it's all digital, but even so, a much bigger hard drive than what the Wii U offers is in order.
HDD space is now a concern, especially if they go all digital. As long as they allow you to plug in an external HDD that's not only Nintendo licensed, we should be OK. 1 TB seems to be the minimum, but hopefully as previous posters says it'll be much more. Heck, it should be 1 TB of cloud storage and then more space on the HDD.
Yeah, one or two terrabytes would be nice!
If games are the same size on NX as they are on PS4/X1 it needs to have at least 1TB. They also need to make sure it had external storage support.
Yeah. My Xbox One has 500Gb and that's not enough space at all. It needs to have quite a bit of storage.
It won't have 1TB storage unless Nintendo wants you to go all-digital or the games must be installed to hard drive like the XBox One/PS4.
you know when i got my wii u deluxe, i thought i'll never fill up 32 GB. last weekend i had to spring for an External HD. Surely 3 TB will last me right? Point being, yeah i hope it comes with some memory
I have a 750GB and it still has 420GB free, with a pretty decent collection. I don't believe a 1TB would be necessary for most people, but being able to have a 500GB available with the console would be good.

Nintendo would know best as to how many games get downloaded, but no matter what the NX needs either an internal drive bay or something that attaches securely to the side. Dealing with USB drives is a little fussy for something that's becoming a necessity. I don't know if Nintendo should make a HDD standard, but they should either offer a version with one preinstalled or offer an accessory pack that makes adding one very easy.

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