Ocarina of Time OST: All Warp Songs


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Aug 5, 2013
Nintendo 64

If there was really one thing I loved from Zelda OoT, it was the warp songs. The fire and spirit temple songs are my most favorite out of the bunch.

What do you enjoy?
Bolero of Fire does indeed stick out to me. The first time you descend into a volcano of that scale and you start burning to death without the tunic and then finally going back and exploring it fully gave a sense of awe when Sheik tells you how to play the Bolero. It stuck in my head.

I also really love the Nocturne of Shadow and Requiem of Spirit.
The entire soundtrack is obviously immense. However at some point I developed somewhat of an obsession with the music to the Forest Temple. It's just so hypnotic and mystical. I've put it on repeat for hours on end. Love it!
You too? The Forest Temple, I think, might have been one of the hardest for me with backtracking and looking for keys or divots in walls. The other temples (Even the Water Temple) was kind of more self-explanitory with what you needed to do. The whole it felt "ancient" and "abandoned" combined with that EERIE echoing music...

I half expect the reason it was so creepy is because we were kids playing it. The Lost Woods was meant to give off that twisted/distorted feeling and this music sent chills down my spine and I loved to explore every piece I possibly could. The music was simply enchanting. Koji Kondo at his definite finest.
For a game without voice acting, they really did wonders with the sound in Ocarina of Time! Sound effects are so well done you almost believe some of the characters speak through squeaks. And the music was absolutely breathtaking. I find myself whistling the warp songs quite often.

I spent a lot of time in Ocarina just... playing the ocarina! What an interesting concept for a game, and excellent delivery.

Where does Ocarina stack on your list of top Zelda games?
3? Maybe 2. I love Link to the Past and Majora's Mask as well. So it's probably -->Link to the Past-->Ocarina-->MM-->First two for NES--->Skyward Sword--->Wind Waker--->Twilight Princess-->Handhelds.
When A Link to the Past was released for the GBA, it was something I could not get enough of. I was a high school student at the time, so I conceived ways of playing during class. I would hide my GBA under my desk and get in as much as I could before getting caught. This lead to a friend and me starting up a club where we would play the Four Swords together.

I may be in the minority here, but I never liked Majora's Mask. I felt it was a little too difficult in the beginning to gain any real momentum. Plus, going back to the beginning was something I wasn't ready to handle. I would like to give it a retry.

You rated the handhelds as pretty low. Did you not enjoy the Oracle series? What about Link's Awakening. I would say LA stacks up there with the best.
I didn't mind them, or the 4 swords, or any other handheld game for that title series. I just don't know what it was; I wasn't an avid handheld fan, nor was I truly impressed with them. Granted they stifled a lot of boredom and time when I could just turn it on and go and forget life for a sec, so that helps, but I felt all the Handheld ones did not have a plot that stacked up against their console counterparts. Perhaps I'm unique in this analysis, but it's just personal preference.