Odd browser history on brand new 2ds


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Jul 31, 2015
Nintendo 2DS
I don't know if anyone has had this problem or can tell me anything about it, but I figured I would ask. I recently got a refurbished 2ds from a game store and last night I used the browser for the first time. For some reason, the browser had history on it, even though I had never used it. This wouldn't have shocked me, as it is refurbished, but the browser history was pages I had visited on my computer and my phone. What was weirder was that it was not the most recent pages I had visited on either. In fact, one was a google search I did years ago. Is there any way that my computer or phone could be connected to my 2ds? And if there is, could it show on other Nintendo 3ds' that are in my home? There are 3 apart from mine and I don't want my browser history on them.
this is very strange. are all these old searches still on your computer/phone? i know Apple's cloud wreaked havoc on a few devices of mine concerning music and old fav's/searches. I didn't want my child's iPod full of Nine Inch Nails and such. Point being, i could very well see privacy issues. Please let us know if you figure this out
dustinb12, some are and some aren't. It's odd because they are from different devices and there are some that were years ago and some that were last week. The ones that are from years ago aren't on my phone or computer anymore. I don't use any sort of cloud storage, and the email for my nintendo id isn't the same as the one connected to my chrome or my phone, so it couldn't be through that.

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