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Dec 23, 2013
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Now this is the Nintendo magic i remember as a young child. If this doesn't make you want to play Mario, or at least crack a smile, you don't have a pulse! Enjoy!
This song has been on the top of all my playlists lately. Awesome song, and due to my personality and the kind of person I am, I dance to this and sing it a ton when no one is at home and I am alone. Great song!
@miles854 Nice! I believe i will be buying it. It reminds me of being a youngster, waiting for the new SMB's to come out. I shall make a ringtone out of it as well
@dustinb12 I have already preordered the game, and due to the small town were I live that is far from the cities, the game has the possibility of not arriving on launch day (Only 1 game I preordered for my Switch, out of 3 preordered game came on launch day) since most Nintendo games launch on fridays and packages on ship on business days, which doesn't include weekends, so if that happens I will cancel my preorder and go to my local Walmart that has had all the games I bought from them on there release dates, in stock on the day of the games release.
If you put the ringtone on iTunes I will definitely buy it, or if you share it online I will definitely buy it there (unless it's free, in which case I'll definitely download it), because that song is on top of most of my playstists right now.
You saying "It reminds me of being a youngster, waiting for the new SMB's to come out." reminds me of the day I bought New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which was sometime after the games release date as I had gotten my Wii not on launch day and the game was already out when I got my Wii. Great memories, on the day I got the game, which was a pretty exciting day for me and the great memories I've had in that game alone and with friends and family over the years since buying that game. Also my Wii still works very well considering how much I've used it over the years and how old it is (I bought it back when the Wii was the latest Nintendo console) so I might have to revisit that game and look back on the memories I had in it.
Odyssey is out now! :D

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