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Mar 25, 2016
I've said before I might leave, but now's the time. I've taught you all pretty much everything I know. But it's time I really got to cracking on the video game I'm making, Project Darkma. I am really liking NintendoReport's site and might stay there for awhile. I feel that my job here is done, but my job there isn't - I still have much to talk to the members there about. Maybe play some Mario Kart 8 with them. I'm not leaving due to anger, sure I have my emotional points, but rather I'm leaving pretty content. I've added 300+ posts (if you count the no post count boards) and probably 50 topics to the forum, in about 40 days. I've really boosted activity for better or worse.
I think I'm being altogether brash. Although I'm not angry with others, I am pretty upset with myself after all. Upset for procrastinating and using this as the means of doing so. Upset that, despite my experience, it's gotten to the point where my mind goes blank when I'm asked Vigilante questions. I feel like I should have the answers at this point and yet I don't.

I have schizophrenia and it's just acting up. Contrary to popular belief, schizophrenia does not tend to make someone violent or dangerous, especially when it's treated. But people with schizophrenia feel so much more deeply and negatively of themselves than others.

There's still a chance I might take a break or reduce my posting, but I probably won't leave altogether. But like I said, my schizophrenia is acting up. It does that. I still made some good points about how I need to work on my game and would like to spend more time at NintendoReport's site though. I'm also upset because I feel a mental block right now for some reason, like I can't come up with fresh ideas.

I apologize for this thread. I understand it's annoying to say you're definitely going to do one thing and then do another. But like I said, I was being very in the moment without really thinking about things.
Awww, sad to see you go, Shane. It was good knowing you here. :)

I'm also upset because I feel a mental block right now for some reason, like I can't come up with fresh ideas.
You should play some Splatoon, than. ;)

^ That is right, but I do plan on taking it easier, I think, after all. More breaks, less posting. I'm just not going to be so brash as to leave completely. It was very in the moment what I said.

Thanks for the Splatoon suggestion Yoshi.
Oh, Well that was a shock to me. I had no idea you were thinking of leaving. Well have fun on the NintendoReports website.
@Shane Ah, okay. You know that I was kidding around with the Splatoon thing, right?

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