Old Nintendo arcade games


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Sep 26, 2015
I'm in search for retro Nintendo Arcade games, like Space Firebird, Radar Scope, Sky Skipper, Donkey Kong etc. Does anyone know where I can find these Arcade games? I need them for my collection.
They are probably next to impossible to find. Cabinets like that are super rare and even if you found one...the cost would be well off the radar.
Well DK maybe easier to find. I don't follow them very close but some states have arcade auctions. I know Texas does somehwere.
Texas is way to far for me. And having them shipped from Texas to Connecticut willl cost a fortune. Maybe they are some places in New York City I can look into. It's only a hour 1/2 drive for me.. It's gets harder everyday being a Nintendo Video Game Collector. I have these games on MAME. But they don't count has my collection. I do have videos of these games on my YouTube Channel, that I made. They are very short Let's Plays.
I would love to be able to play some Donkey Kong on the arcade right now. I wish that I was one of those people who had it where money is no issue and they can just think of the things that they want and go buy them. Of course I am sure that we all wish that we could have that, so I am not special or anything. Thanks for the sense of nostalgia though from Sky Skipper...I forgot about that game but I had some good times with it back in the day.
I just want to keep these games alive & preserved so kids today and future generations can also enjoy them. Also the systems today and the ones that are coming out around the corner will also be part of Video Game History. Nintendo,Sony,Microsoft and other companies will have systems coming out in the future, and these games will be part of everyone's gaming history. also in the far distance future, The systems that are not even close to be out yet like the PS23 or the new Xbox or the New Nintendo, the kids will have a look back further into the video game history time line. And I hope, even after I have long been dead. that future generations can enjoy the games we played when we were kids.

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