One thing the Xbox has excelled at

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Jun 24, 2013
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Xbox has a good selection of first person shooters; 2 of which have become major franchises. Halo and Gears of War are extremely successful, and they are entertaining games. I prefer Gears of War personally, but Halo sucked many hours out of my life. I never really liked online death match though. How would you rate Gears of War and Halo?

Call of Duty is also on the Xbox, but I was only counting exclusives. Doom 3 is another game that made it to the Xbox. I would consider that a semi exclusive, because it was available on the PC, but no other home consoles (until the ultimate editions came out). I also played a lot of Army of Two.
FPS on consoles isn't really my thing.
You can never be as good as someone with a mouse and keyboard IMHO.

The only FPS I've ever played and enjoyed on a console was Timesplitters. Every other game was just not fair 'cos you can't cover the whole screen area with a controller like you would with a mouse.
I have to agree with you there. Nothing beats a keyboard and mouse for FPS. I used to set the right button on the mouse to straife; because without that, it was hard to dodge incoming projectiles. Doom 2 would have been impossible without the ability to dodge.
When my brother and I first got Doom 2, we played all day. We got the game for Christmas; forgot about all our other presents, and spent the entire remainder of the vacation playing. We each got 1 hour to play, then we switched. After 4 hours, we had to shut the game down and go play outside for an hour. At least my parents didn't let us rot our brains completely.
I love the Gears of War franchise a lot! The third one, I have spent hours in the summer playing multiplayer. Gears of War 2 had the best story line out of the three.

I hate Call of Duty

and Halo I feel went down hill after Halo 3.
I actually wonder if they do have that option avernus. Xbox does have a keyboard and a mouse, but I'm not sure if you can use them on games.
I tried out Gear of War, and that was just too hard. I have never been a big fan of the Halo games though. When I was first learning how to play the Xbox that was the game that I learn from. I mean at the time I was decent at it, but as time went on I just didn't like the controls. There was something about how it just wasn't the same as the other games I had been playing. I just liked the CoD games way more than any of the other first person shooter games.
Xbox excelled at shooters, and mediocre ports of better named RPGs and adventure type games. They lacked a bit on the RPG side, but what few they had were fun (like Lost Odyssey).
Well, the Xbox has been the brand that has bought PC gaming into the console space. Something, I'm not personally fond of as I'm not a huge fan of FPS games. Nevertheless, there are plenty of Xbox fans out there and they are happy with the way things are. I believe that consoles should be differentiating themselves more from PCs in order to remain compelling.
Xbox is trying the hardest right now IMO, I think the crew are trying really hard to turn things around after the 2013 train wreck. Luckily for me, I get to reap the benefits of them being in second place. :D

Xbox excelled at shooters, and mediocre ports of better named RPGs and adventure type games. They lacked a bit on the RPG side, but what few they had were fun (like Lost Odyssey).

I think Fable was pretty good. Well, II anyway. III was okay. Mass Effect was only on Xbox and PC for a long while, and that's my favorite RPG series of all time.

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