One Week until Switch Announcement


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Apr 25, 2016
Nintendo plans to tell us more about the switch on January 12th. The system is supposed to come out in March, last we heard.

I'd like you all take some guesses as to what we may (or may not) find out at this event.

There are 4 main things I feel I need to know:
1. Battery life
2. Cost
3. exact release date
4. Launch games

Honestly, I'm expecting 2 out of 4 with an announcement of another event in February. For more specific guesses, I'd bet it will cost $350, and the battery life will be on par or slightly lower than the 3DS. Call me pessimistic.

Guess away folks!
Eurogamer had a report awhile back with lots of concrete details saying that the Switch would not only use Tegra X1 instead of Pascal, it would be downclocked as well, even when docked.

Such statements being true could be dramatic in that it could make the Switch, the same power as the Wii U.

The people who deny these reports, use the equally good argument that the information was probably based on a July dev kit, and that the actual Switch will have the Pascal chip and be killer awesome.

I expect a 5 hour battery life, and a $300 price tag. Whether I get the system will depend on launch lineup and price, but I'm 70-80% sure that I will.

Personally, I kind of expect launch games to look like and act like Wii U games, but for the quality of the games and graphics to increase over time.

One thing is for sure though: Nintendo probably won't tell us tech specs like CPU, GPU.
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I will get it immediately. In fact, I'll probably preorder it. And then when the gold plated Hyrule edition cones out I'll preorder that, then transfer everything over. I don't care about the details of the specs, I just know I will enjoy it.