One wish on the Triforce


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Aug 5, 2013
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If you managed to get your hands on the magical triforce, what kind of wish would you have granted? And it don't have to be Zelda related.
you better believe world peace. every time i turn on the tv i wonder what kind of world am i leaving for my daughter. i'd hoped one day she would see a world without hate, greed, selfishness, unaccountability, but it looks like it aint gonna happen.

Thanks, i needed that (exhale)
Be nice, but doubt it would be granted.

I think I would just wish for the triforce to enter my body and make me a god who can create and destroy as I see fit. Which would bring about a world peace.
The Triforce?

Golden celestial power, condensed into a golden triangular shape. Coalesced thoughts and feelings. And we get one all important wish?

To make magic real. We have science. I'm a bit sick of 'just' science. I want the fantastical, the mystical, the arcane. I want to be able to cast spells and use science together. IT would make for an interesting future! And all the mages across the world developing powers.
That's an interesting wish Shimus, and it facilitates a worthy fantasy--but it does strike me as quite paradoxical as you are essentially asking that a pre-existing magical object will magic into existence (unless you define golden celestial power as something quite separate from arcane magic). It also seems like that wish might violate a rule against wishing for more wishes since you're asking for magical powers that would let you subsequently grant your future wishes. Finally, I would be rather terrified of what the worst of mankind would do with such powers--the damage wrought by powerful magic spells, by accident or by malevolent intent, could dwarf that of real-world science several times over! :eek:

Thank being said, I'm struggling to think of what single wish I would ask of the triforce... If I were granted more than one wish, through the triforce, a genie, a monkey's paw, or what-have-you: I know that my first wish would be that my subsequent wishes not be granted with ironic twists! (Which would make the Dungeon Master of a D&D game either laugh or scowl!) ;)
I do define them differently, but I do not have any qualms about the destruction it would bring. Sure there would be monsters who use them nefariously, but then you'd have heroes playing ..well, heroes. They'd stop things. So, as much as it's a "oh noes, it could destroy us" the people who would use it such would definitely be outnumbered by those who do not, or play "Hero". And with the scientific knowledge we have today, if we applied physics and understanding to magic, we could probably mold another pathway for evolution. And, at the core, wishing and things of that nature is all about being able to "Play God" so why not play god with the whole lineage of the human race forever altered into magic users who love science?

And just using the wish doesn't mean it would be tainted by the off-chance of curses or monkey paws or bad luck. So. Let's assume you only get one. And you don't need to use another to make sure of the 'no repercussions' clause. :rolleyes: And also for the arguments sake, no you cannot wish for more wishes. Or if you have the power to time travel, you will not find the ability to wish again no matter how much you hop around. That way it can't be exploited.

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