Operation "Rescue TheWiiU.com"


Staff member
Sep 19, 2012
For the past several years, I have been a frequent visitor to a Nintendo community called TheWiiU.com. Their forum was very active, the members were hardcore Nintendo fans, and in general the site was very similar in spirit to ours. Their admin Mournblade and I even discussed ideas for partnerships at some point, but we got busy and didn't get to develop those ideas further.

For the past year or so, TheWiiU.com has experienced a significant drop in activity, due mostly to the site's owner becoming inactive and not responsive to moderator requests. The other reason is that Wii U is on its way out in just a few months (hard to believe, I know), and the site's branding is obviously tied to a soon-to-be-discontinued console. The members are uncertain about the site's future, which is completely understandable.

In light of those circumstances, I want to extend an invitation to all members and moderators of TheWiiU.com while the site is still alive and welcome that community to Nintendo Forums and make our site their home. Our traffic and activity has been growing very consistently (we are as old as the Wii U now!), and the more members, the merrier. So this will be the official welcome thread to TheWiiU.com members. I will also message Mournblade and other admins and we'll get something posted over there. All feedback is welcome.