Origami King Overlook Tower Minigame


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What i personally would love is, if in Overlook Tower once you rescue all the Toads, once you ruturn and go to the restaurant's kitchen, there may be an extra Toad, maybe a toad with an Italian moustache or something, that letd you do a cooking minigame for maybe 3-5 minutes where the Toads in the seats order food, and you open the fridge and there is a small area of items you can grab. Then you can put them in the pan or pot with small meters of how cooked it is and grab a place and serve it, for a certain amount of coins. Make it tricky though so players can't grind for bunch of coins. This is something I would love to make overlook tower a place I actually like going to often, and not just a small place I pass and say "Whatever."

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