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Sep 25, 2013
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So, I know that I've been offline a lot lately. It'll happen from time to time. However, I'll be offline some more this weekend. See, it's my brother's wedding this weekend. So I'll be out of town to attend that. It's also the reason why I've been offline recently. Last minute stuff. Getting this and that. Even got a new suit and everything. My down time lately has been to relax and watch "scary" movies while playing on my Wii U Gamepad, as I've recently gotten some new games. So I haven't been online much because of those reasons, and I wont' be online much over the next several days. However, I do plan on making up for lost time on here when I return. I'm sure that there are lots of 'news', and what not, in the world of gaming, that I can discuss. However, that'll have to be when I get back.

Now, that's not to say that I won't be online at all over the next few days. I might be able to pop in here or there. Just, no guarantees. And, I don't expect to be online much anyways. With the rehearsal, and dinners, and family time, the wedding itself, the reception, the traveling, etc.etc.. I don't plan on having a lot of downtime, to be honest. And what downtime I do have, I expect that I'll end up spending it with a bunch of people. So no real 'online' time while I'm away. So, if you don't see me online, don't think I've "left" here or anything. Just busy is all. But I'll always be around.

Anyways, if you don't see me online for a few days, maybe a week, who knows. Then, now you know why, and, I hope you all continue to have fun with your games. When you can, of course. So, until next time, have fun, take care, and happy gaming.
Have fun at the wedding, Lawnachaun. I took some time off tonight myself and saw Gravity in IMAX. Wasn't half bad.
Thanks. Yeah, the wedding was great. Down in 'sunny' San Diego. Can't go wrong with that setting. It was a blast. Got to see a lot of family that I hadn't seen in years. So that was good. Had fun mingling. Got to meet some of my new sister-in-law's friends. Danced with a bunch of them. It was a great night. Tho, my feet were sore the next day. My legs too, honestly. Lots of walking and standing all day. Plus, the dancing at the end. Still, totally worth it. It was lots of fun.

The car ride took a lot out of me tho. Was tired when I got home. I only wanted to rest. So I've just been home relaxing, watching tv, while playing video games on my Wii U Gamepad. Then, I got really sick, and was "forced" to stay home and watch tv while playing video games on my Wii U Gamepad. I've been too sick to even bother to get online. Even tho I could get online on my Gamepad, I was too engrossed into my games that I completely forgot about the internet, to be honest. I'm still a little sick now. I'm not 100% yet. My throat still feels a little swollen, but only on one side. Also have a slight headache still. But I'll manage.

Anyways, I'm back. It's been a while, and I've gotten a lot of games recently. But I'm back.

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