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Sep 3, 2015
Hello everyone!

I have a quick question concerning the relevance of owning a GameCube. Much like all other Nintendo fans I was ecstatic when the Nintendo Wii arrived and rushed to get one. If I remember correctly, I was unaware at the time of the purchase that GameCube games were compatible with the Wii - all I know is that I wanted a Wii!

After owning both the Wii and the Nintendo GameCube for some time now I noticed that I never use my GameCube anymore... As a matter of fact it's in my closet, lifeless and unplugged. I thought about selling it the other day but realized that it was useless to have, since GameCube games are playable on the Wii.

I was furious when companies made new consoles that were completely incompatible with older ones but I realize today that perhaps it is the logical thing to do, so that older consoles keep some kind of worth. What do you guys think - and what are you doing with your GameCube if you own a Wii?
Yes, I agree that backward compatibility should be a standard feature on all consoles. Unfortunately, this is not always possible but I guess emulation could also be used. I still own my GameCube but I have it in a different room to that of my Wii. Therefore, it still gets some use from time to time. In your situation, I guess it's a good idea to sell it since the Wii has you covered.
Definitely sell it if you have a Wii! I was in the same boat as you, in terms of not knowing right away that GameCube games would play on my Wii, except this came as a wonderful surprise since I had sold my GC a few years ago!

Speaking of playing GameCube games on the Wii, I still have to finish The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker...
I wish I kept my GC after I got a Wii for collecting, but I totally love the idea of them being compatible on the Wii. Less wires getting tangled!:D
I like having a Wii U and a GameCube that way I have the best of all three systems.
I think you should sell your GameCube and use the money you make to buy a new game! There's a lot of nostalgia right now for retro and old consoles, you should have no issues selling it if you post it on a classified ad like craigslist. Keep us posted! :)
Crazy. I have a bunch of Game Cube games that I never play because I got rid of my Cube. All this time I could have been playing them on my Wii. That's a pretty awesome feature. I'm pretty sure it's going to be the basis for any toher future console.
To give you guys a little update!

I decided to keep the GameCube out of respect but mostly because people really don't want to pay for older consoles. I understand that when you buy a game it loses value (most of the time) but there is a limit! Before I give out the price I asked for it I am curious to know how much you would be willing to pay for a GameCube? ( good condition).
@LoyalServant The problem is that the GameCube is not a sought after console in the retro gaming community. However, if you owned a NEC PC-Engine / Turbografx-16 that was in good condition you'd find that people would be willing to pay for top dollar for it. Even the much maligned Sega Saturn is enjoying a surge in it's price as folks discover what a compelling retro gaming machine it is.

Now, to answer your question. Since it's difficult to get hold of a GameCube in my area, I'd be willing to pay up to $ 60 - $ 70 for one that it's in a very good condition and comes with it's original box and manuals.
I'd say around the same amount as @Damien Lee but asking for the box and manuals may be a little unrealistic. Probably closer to ~$50-60 with a couple controllers and a few games, as long as it is in good condition and I can play it. The thing is, I have a Wii that has the GameCube and memory card ports so it's kind of useless for me to get a GameCube...
Thanks for the help guys!

I suppose GameCubes are easy to find in my area since the guy wasn't willing to pay 60$ for it. I don't think it's such an unrealistic price but I figure he probably found it cheaper elsewhere. Though the Wii's backward compatibility is nice, it also prevents any sort of gain from selling an old GameCube.
Sorry you weren't able to sell it @LoyalServant, but now you get to hold on to a piece of Nintendo history. ;) $60 was more than reasonable and you did a good thing to not let it go for less. I find people are pretty cheap when it comes to buy used things. lol
Well here in France you can find used GameCubes everywhere around 30€ (35$) so it's why I don't sell mines... I have 2 (a green one, from Tales of Symphonia and a black one), I don't use them ta all, I'm not a collector, I sell things that I won't use anymore but... When it's like selling a console 30€ or a game 1€... I'd rather keep them. ^^"

It's great that the Wii can play GC games and that the Wii U can play Wii games... It must be like that in every generations and it's why I tend to play on PC since on PC you can always play old (and very old) games without any problem.
My friend sold his GameCube only to buy one a few years later ;)
I never had one (oh, the shame) but I wouldn't mind to get one for myself because, just like @senki mentioned, you can find a lot for really cheap prices!
I've gone through three of them in my life. I broke the first two (I was a young kid haha) and I still have my third one to this day and it works perfectly fine. I just played F-Zero GX on it last year.
I still have my very original. I remember playing NHL hitz on it way back in the day when it first came out. I still remember that startup song and video montage. The gamecube is really the last great thing Nintendo put out, in my opinion.
It has not really seen a lot of action as of late, but I still have the one that I bought way back when. I still think that it has that nostalgia value, though, just given the design. That might make it a little bit harder to get rid of than some of the other consoles, too, and maybe that is why I am keeping it. Either way, though, you never know when I will get the urge to play SSB. Thanks for sharing.
I wouldnt sell my gamecube for a couple reasons :

-The wii is less capable when it comes to the lifespend of the console
-The wii also have problems with their controllers wich you need to select the menu for the gamecube-games.
-The wii has way less value when it comes to price (where I live, it can be easily around the same price as back then)
-Emotional value
-I play way more on my gc then my wii.

I dont see any reason to get rid of my gamecube for the problems I will get with my wii and wii's in general. The gamecube that I have last really long, there are no problems and yet it works like it is new, while my wii already shows some disc-reading problems.

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