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Jun 20, 2013
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Nintendo 64
Mario RPG for the SNES was one of my favorite games of the generation. The graphics were probably the most impressive of the SNES, the depth of the story was unlike any other mario games, and the game itself was amazing. I played over and over again as a child. And then I got an N64, and a few years later I heard of a sequal to Mario RPG. The game was Paper Mario. I was a bit skeptical at first of the game, but after I got it, I saw it improved on everything the original had made. Paper Mario looks amazing even today, the story wasnt as original as Mario RPG, which was a little disappointing, but the world was huge and alive. The partners were interesting and the chapters were all interesting and fun. To me, this was one of the greatest games for the N64, and it truly lived up to the Squaresoft original :) did anyone else play this game and love it? or hate it?
The dialogs in Paper Mario drove me crazy. Those Goombas and other NPCs just wouldn't stop yapping and went on and on, and since the story wasn't anything to write home about, you were sort of trapped unless you really cared about star pieces or whatever they were collecting in that game. I remember pressing the A button hundreds of times--not cool.

I did beat the game but eventually gave up on the Mario/Luigi RPG series because of the cheesy plots and lame jokes.
I never got annoyed by the goombas yapping... But I could see how someone did. And I don't know why you would be pressing a over and over, it had turn based battle cut scenes, so you had to select moves and then you could press timed A buttons to block or critically hit. Although I agree the original Paper Mario's story was a bit generic, but the thousand year door took it back to an amazing interesting epic story. Thousand year door was an amazing game. My favorite of the GAMECUBE era most likely :)
Well Banjo, he was spamming the A button to get through the horrible dialog. I personally don't do that unless I died like a chump and need to push pass something I've already learned.
I am playing 100 year door right now, an I can't find a thing about it I don't like! I love paper mario..
Paper Mario is my absolute favorite Mario series to date. The depth of an RPG, the great humor, the unrivaled characters, and all of the feels. There's nothing bad with the Paper Mario series.
I loved playing Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door for the Gamecube. Unfortunately, I didn't have a Nintendo 64 or a Wii, so I couldn't play the two other Paper Mario games for the consoles. Meanwhile, I didn't like the 3DS version of Paper Mario. I thought the battle system was just alright, and the lacking storyline was incredibly disheartening. I hope future Paper Mario games will focus on the story once again.
I love paper Mario and it is really weird to me that you hardly ever here anything about the game. I played it some years ago and I still play it today and it is really fun. I do admit that the goombas has do get on my nerves though.
I didn't really get too far in Paper Mario. It wasn't really one of my favorite Mario games. I wasn't a big fan of Mario RPG either. I was thinking about getting an emulator and giving them another try. When I originally played them I was pretty young. I don't really think I had a chance to understand the complexity of the games.
Paper Mario games were awesome, they were never to difficult and it was so different then others. My favourite would have to be The Thousand Year Door, just because I loved how you battled and the game was so adventurous.
Oh yeah paper mario is a good game easily. The game play mechanics and lag thermometer really added to the overall feel of the game. I would give it a 10/10.
I went back yesterday and I revisited this game and man I will tell you that it was really a lot of fun. It was just the type of game that I could just get lost in for hours and hours and not even worry because I was having so much fun.

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