Partner showcases continue to be disappointing...


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Feb 15, 2024
None of the games appeal to me personally. If we'd gotten a new mega man game (X9 finally?) then I would've been hyped but no.

In other news, something that's actually exciting...

Nintendo needs to release that Switch 2 soon so I can play Elden Ring on it!
I liked a couple of games, but yeah. I wonder if there's even much out there, at all, anymore. Seems like indie developers make up a lot of the market, now. New Megaman would be sweet, but I swear Capcom mostly focuses on Resident Evil, now. I did like the new Contra. The demo played like a cheap, budget title, but it was still good. Just what I want from a Contra game. Not like that last one. 🤢
@Chanamasalex, What's frustrating about indie games is, while a lot of them are good, they rarely ever become series in their own right. For example with megaman, let's say you miss mega man so you play Gravity Circuit and enjoy it. It's very unlikely you will get more Gravity Circuit games to rely on and look forward to, so it doesn't solve the original problem of no megaman.
Troof. Once in a while, an indie release gets bought by a bigger publisher, but bigger publishers are looking more and more for something that will make a quick buck, and then they throw it away. This is one of the reasons I mostly play older games.
@Chanamasalex, I believe indies can eventually form enough new independent AA companies again, but more of the developers need to realise it's not a bad thing to create indie game sequels.

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