People are using Pokemon Go to pick up's really funny


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Jul 30, 2016
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This is crazy, there are boys out there using Pokemon Go to pick up girls, I have never heard of this before, but watching the video made me laugh. Some of the lines were kind of corny, but mostly funny.

ha! you kids today have no idea how easy y'all have it! I don't know what girls were into in 1985 but it dang sure wasn't Super Mario or Zelda. Now every now and then, ill be out and about and girls/ladies will go get other females to gaze upon my Zelda tattoos and or t shirts. Im happily married but i dare ask: Where the hell were y'all in 1990?

(y'all know I'm clowning right?)
Right here in CT there is news how a guy is using Pokemon Go to lure little boys to him. It's F**king sick man.
Well, I was expecting that to happen ever since before it got released, I actually wanted to try it by myself, however, keep in mind that those prank videos are mostly fake and scripted, there's nothing real in that video, just take a close look, indeed.
@Casiox, well I don't know if they are all fake, I truthfully don't like watching them because I think it's corny, and they wouldn't ever have the guts to try and pick up these girls on any other occasion if they had no reason other than just being interested in the girls. Now they have all the wackest confidence in the world to go and mess with these girls.

I look for details that suggest some are fake, but they are good at keeping those detail hidden. The only time a youtuber got busted for having fake pranks was when another youtuber proved it and called them out.
Well if it works it works. That said, I have my serious doubts that it works. I am sure that you get your cases where it does happen, but I still think that it is a little bit out there. I guess maybe it is just showing my age though, and maybe I am losing a grip with the younger generation.

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