People camping out for GTA V

Donkey Punch

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Oct 15, 2012
This is from earlier today. Can't believe these fools.

The last time I stood in line for Grand Theft Auto was GTA 3. :lol:

Considering I pre-ordered as well... I can't actually mock them. That said I might not be on here much for a while - I mean... it is just looking awesome. It honestly is... so freaking psyched.
These are what you call dedicated gamers. I used to be one of those people just waiting in lines for midnight release, but with all the school assignments I have been burdened with kept me away from that life. I honestly would have waited in line just for the game. I heard it was amazing and worth every dollar.
Well, I don't like to judge anyone. If they feel like camping out for a game, more power to them. This is not something I've ever done and I've never had a problem waiting a couple of days, weeks or even months before picking up an anticipated game. It seems like people have a need to get passionate for certain products and brands. That's why we're witnessing this phenomenon of people lining up for hours or days ahead of a launch, with greater frequency.