PeTA attacks Nintendo again for Pokemon X & Y

Aug 27, 2013
Nintendo 2DS
PeTA the animal rights group has taken their time and money. to make a flash game about Pokemon. Not only that. This is not the first time that PeTA has done this. So instead of PeTA helping animals. they pull off another stunt like this again. PeTA is nothing more than a cult than a Animal rights group. If they really cared about animals they would leave the gamer's alone. This organization is a sick twisted group. Pokemon are virtual monsters. Not animals!! Pokemon has fictional characters. And PeTA needs to learn that. all that they are doing is wasting everyone's money that has funding them. Now the People that are funding this group will be halting the cash that they are dishing out. These flash games that Peta makes are nothing but a joke and a waste of money and time. while real animals out there need our help, to live and make sure these animals do NOT get exterminated. I've played this game. It shows that you must care for your monsters.
I like animals, and I don't know much about PETA as an organization, but that's a very annoying way to fight for your cause. They are just alienating tens of millions of kids who are going to buy the game and will probably not think too highly of PETA.
Everytime PETA attacks games, or anything else, I'm always immediately reminded of this episode of Penn & Teller's BS show... For those that don't know much about PETA, or what it does, Penn & Teller did a good job of explaining them. Be sure to watch the whole video. However, due to language, I'll just post the link in a spoiler. However, it's worth watching completely. It's only a half hour long, but still, it's worth checking out.
I watched both videos. Pretty funny.
The Administrator should make a fourm for PeTA sucks. lol
NintendoCosmos said:
The Administrator should make a fourm for PeTA sucks. lol

There are tons of people who hate PeTA. Tons. And they attack not just video games, but pretty much anything and everything. And a lot of it is obsurd to the point where you're like, "why would you even think to attack that?!?!", kind of stuff.

Professor E. Gadd said:
I watched both videos. Pretty funny.
Yeah, AlphaOmegaSin had a good rant on it, as he does on a lot of things. I'm sure he can go on and on about PeTA too.

Also, Penn & Teller said that they had always heard about how bad PeTA was, but they never paid any attention to it, because they didn't know PeTA much, or what they were about. That is, until they researched it for their show. And once they started digging, and finding more and more out, they couldn't believe how bad it got. In fact, in another interview, which I'll look up again later, they talked about how some of the stuff they weren't allowed to show on tv, as Showtime wouldn't let them air it, Also, they went on to say how they actually found out a lot more after they finished that episode, and so, they thought about doing a whole other episode about them. But there were still other subjects that they were trying to do for that show. However, they said that PeTA is a lot worse than how even they showed them to be.
It's funny because there is of course Pokémon Black and White... maybe Nintendo/Gamefreak wanted a stealth parody or maybe they were showing that there are two sides to every story... or maybe PETA is just being retarded as always. Probably that last one I think.
At first I managed to not read the part where the OP (and essentially everyone else) mentioned that it was a "flash game", so thinking that the PETA pokemon attack ad was a video, I did a quick search for it on youtube. Instantly 76,000 videos, and the first page was full of 20 minute videos all clearly expressing their hate of PETA and their attack. All sorts of youtubers providing their insight, even those with channels that are entirely unrelated to gaming, pokemon, or even PETA for that matter. It was awesome.

But yeah, as it has not been explicitly mentioned yet, PETA "euthanizes" nearly 90% of the animals it "rescues". I don't have a link for the normal euthanasia, but I recall it to be very much below 50%... If anything, this is one of the main reasons every other animal rights group hates PETA. And PETA defends their position by attacking "no-kill" shelters. Really PETA!??

As they also oppose eating meat, I wonder if they are okay with eating meat if it is from an animal that has been "euthanized"?
A lot of the hate for PETA comes from them bombing science labs where any sort of animal testing is conducted. They train recruits to make home-made explosives and detonate them near science facilities, which is basically terrorism.
Not "basically", it IS terrorism. Did you know they also euthanise a lot of animals they take in at their so-called "no-kill" shelters? Bunch of hypocrites. People who actually care about animals have nothing to do with PETA.

There was also something more recently, a crazy PETA mom smashing her daughter's 3DS with Pokemon XY in it, claiming she attempted to flush it down the toilet and get revenge on the guy that got her the 3DS, and teach her daughter something about animal ethics... I don't know... first she should probably try not to terrorize her own children. :/
PETA makes me really angry because what everyone else has discussed is true. They do really bad things as an organization. I think it's funny how they attack pokemon the actual game when there are more important things PETA or any animal rights group can do with their time.
The initial and original example is their way of utilizing shock as a selling technique. I don't hate PETA as a concept. I dislike the way they tend to portray themselves. However, it's rare that people give a crap about what they're speaking out against. Especially in the competitive world of 'who should I help first and how'. I see the reason why they do things like this. Much like when I see Sarah McLachlan on a SPCA ad. Nature of the business of desperate money.
I think it's just funny because they are so extreme. I mean flour bombing Kim Kardashian.. really..? I mean granted I don't like wearing anything made from animals but unfortunately, it's their life. If they want to wear animals.. I can't stop them. The south park episode on PETA is really hysterical.
PETA is so weird, I remember reading an article about them back when I had a livejournal in 2003 and it said they apparently killed animals and put the corpses in dumpsters. I don't know the source but it was really mssed up, I think they were claiming they were putting "down" a particular breed or mass killing pet shop goldfish because they could never be happy in an aquarium.
What the hell? Seriously?
They've got nothing better to do, obviously, 'cos all real-life animals are safe and unharmed.

PETA sucks. Really. Just a bunch of wannabes spending other people's money on stupid things.

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