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Apr 13, 2016
Wii U

Oh an in case you were wondering, when you hit the home button or pull up the VC menu, the game treats it as if you just closed the DS. Good to know for that certain map objective.
Burn this game. It's so damn horrible. Putside the CD-I games this is not only the worst Zelda game ever but also just a really terrible game.
Ouch. I kinda liked what I played besides it being a bit tedious. Interesting how they used the DS. I was going to play it again (didn't get very far years back) but it seems I lost my copy. : Also lost / got stollen my OoT3D. People don't want me to love Zelda. ;-;
^ Reminds me of the time the N64 deleted my brother's Paper Mario save file with a bunch of hours on it. He swore he would never play a RPG again, and he actually didn't.

I've played Spirit Tracks and liked it, but haven't played this game yet.
I liked this one but found the timed temple annoying.
I liked Spirit tracks but didn't like how I was always "running away" from evil trains.

So all in all I liked both, EXCEPT the game mechanics which are the namesakes of both.
the only problem i had was the stylus controls. this killed my hand. but...ANYTHING Wind Waker related will always be right up my ally.

Is it still stylus controlled?
still. The game itself hasn't changed, just it has been wrapped into a emulator.
Okay game aside from having to retread previous parts of the Ocean King's temple. Once you have cleared a floor, do whatever you need to to clear that floor fast on subsequent trips. No need to punish yourself in there. Linebeck is also one of my favorite characters and his theme is great.

Spirit Tracks is a much better game, and is pretty fun. Not challenging per se, just pure fun.

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