Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies


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Jul 16, 2014
I just finished playing Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies, and I have to say that it is absolutely amazing! I was expecting the same-old, same-old Ace Attorney games I have always loved, but I was proven wrong in the best way possible. The graphics were an incredible step-up from the last games, and the anime cutscenes were a very nice touch. Additionally, the added aspect of using Athena's skill along with the original gameplay mechanics was incredibly interesting! Furthermore, the stories and characters in Dual Destinies were engaging, similar to the previous games.

Anyway, that's my opinion on Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies. What was your opinion on Dual Destinies, and how did it compare to the rest of the Ace Attorney games?
I'm not done with it yet, and I'm going to have to mull it over for a while before I can decide whether it is better or worse that previous titles. However, there are some good ideas being introduced which is always good, since one of the biggest problems with the series is that it is so mechanically stale. There is seldom any new and interesting features being introduced.
Ah, I know what you mean! The previous Ace Attorney games, other than the one involving Apollo, did use the same, and unchanging mechanics over and over again. I could see why the series would get stale after a while.

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